7 times Salman Khan OWNED Bigg Boss 10

7 times Salman Khan OWNED Bigg Boss 10:

This is a usual site at press conferences when Salman Khan makes an entry. All the cameramen start screaming ‘Bhai thoda left. Bhai thoda right mein. Bhai Bhai Bhai’ In act, after one point, Bhai is the only word that you hear. The Bhai of Bollywood has been hosting Bigg Boss for quite a few seasons now but Bigg Boss 10 has seen the best and worst of Salman Khan together. We have seen and enjoyed that child-like laughter. We have also seen the angry and disappointment side of him in the show. In fact, the TRP of the show are always better during the weekend as compared to the weekday. We couldn’t but become a Bhai fan this season. Check out these 10 moments from the show when Salman stole even Om Swami’s footage.

That child-like laughter – We would literally cancel our weekend plans just to see Salman laugh uncontrollably like a child. Actually, after one point, it does sound like a kid’s laughter. Though it has been a while since we heard the laughter. Initially, the reason for this laughter was Om Swami and his hilarious claims but Swami made sure that the laughter turned into a frown. Salman would laugh so much that we would get a smile on our face without him saying anything funny. His crazy laughter lightened up the entire show which was otherwise a little too serious. His laughter even cheered up the contestants inside the house.

His advice to every contestant – Salman had a useful advice for every contestant in the house who was going through a difficult time in the house. Be it Bani J, Om Swami, Lopamudra Raut or Rahul Dev. He was this constant guide who asked the contestants every now and then to be more entertaining. He told everyone what their problem was and gave them the solution to it. Except Om Swami. Salman literally gave up on the saint man, since Swami has a mind of his own.

Salman went pink when Swami announced his marriage – Remember when Swami announced Salman Khan’s marriage date? We couldn’t help but notice how much the Sultan actor blushed at this declaration by Swami. It was the cutest and had everyone (the audience) whispering to each other about all of Bhai’s rumoured girlfriends.

When Salman lost his temper at Swami – Well, how can one forget this! Swami crossed his limits during a task when he passed an insensitive comment about Bani’s mother. Well, that was just the beginning. Salman has been angry and disappointed with the contestants ever since that episode. We haven’t seen Bhai as happy as he usually was in show after that incident. In fact, in the previous Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Bhai actually made Manveer Gurjar tie a cloth around Swami’s mouth to shut him up. *Stands up and claps proudly* (ALSO READ: Shah Rukh Khan: Salman is the one guy I can call upon to do the strangest of things for me)

Bhai tried to maintain his cool with Priyanka Jagga – What Priyanka Jagga did in the house was worse than what Om Swami did, but Bhai tried to keep his calm with Priyanka. Though she kept interrupting him and lashing out at the makers of the show, Bhai did not raise his voice. He simply asked her to leave the house. If that made you happy, this will just add to it. He even gave the channel (Colors) an ultimatum to never get Priyanka back in the show or the house if they want to work with him. Way to go Bhai!

When he asked the kids to leave the studio – This happened in the Priyanka Jagga eviction episode. Bhai actually asked the kids in the studio to go outside for a while since he didn’t want them to see or hear content with abusive language. Salman Khan also told Priyanka that because of her a lot of parents must have turned off the television or switched the channel. Since she wasn’t ready to accept her mistake, Salman decided to play clips of her behaviour in the house. And before he did that, he requested parents to take their kids outside.

When he BUSTED Gaurav Chopra’s flop plan – Gaurav’s plan during the nominations task was so far the most stupid and funniest plan ever. He dug a pit for others only to fall in it himself later. He asked Bani to nominate Nitibha so he can nominate Mona Lisa. But he changed his plan after Bani nominated Nitibha and told her that he won’t nominate Mona. Bhai tried to understand what the motive behind Gaurav’s plan was and even mocked him for playing such a stupid game. What are your favourite Salman Khan moments from Bigg Boss 10? Post your thoughts in the comments below and stay hooked with us for more.