Akshay in Airlift Aamir in Dangal Taapsee Pannu in Pink 9 deserving artistes in 2016 who are not gonna get any awards

Akshay in Airlift Aamir in Dangal Taapsee Pannu in Pink 9 deserving artistes in 2016 who are not gonna get any awards:

A very popular award function, which has been known as the brand name when it comes to such events for decades, was recently trolled on social networking sites for ignoring really big deserving candidates out of its nomination list that it released recently. Prominent among the absentees was an actor who consistently gave three successful hits last years, one of which was also a critical darling. The other actor is touted to win the National Award for the Best Actor next year. And yet these two do not find their names in the nomination lists anywhere.

You know the one actor I am talking about is Akshay Kumar whose Airlift is getting a royal snub from everyone, despite being one of the best commercial films of last year. The other is Manoj Bajpayee, whose brilliant performance in Aligarh is better left for National Awards to even consider him. And they are just two celebs who Bollywood award organisers chose to ignore just go massy. Let’s look at ten such celebs who will not get any awards this year, even if they are nominated for the same year. Because, you know, Bollywood loves predictability…

Akshay Kumar – Airlift


We are not saying this is the best performance of the year; that credit goes to someone else who is there on this same list. Instead Akshay Kumar’s performance in Airlift is one of the better ones, one of the most under-rated performances on 2016. That scene when he sees his driver getting killed in cold blood by Iraqi soldiers is one of the best-enacted scenes of the year, and for that itself, he deserves at least a place in the nomination list.

Aamir Khan – Dangal


While Aamir Khan may be considered by a couple of award functions for its Best Actor nominees, but just don’t expect them to hand over the trophy to him. Though Aamir Khan gave his best performance in the last few years in this wrestling biopic, since he has chosen himself to ignore Bollywood awards, we don’t expect the organisers to change their equation with him.

Fatima Sana Shaikh – Dangal


She is easily the brightest spot in Dangal, thanks to all the dedication to her role as Geeta Phogat. In fact she even overshadows her far more experienced co-star Aamir Khan especially in the final portions. But don’t expect Fatima to get nominated either in any of the acting categories, because we are busy appeasing the stars. She has a good chance at Best Debutant award, though.

Manoj Bajpayee – Aligarh


For me, this is the finest performance of the year that should him a National Award in 2017 (but then even the National Awards have become a flawed lot, since the past couple of years). Manoj Bajpayee was at his sublime best as the real-life professor from Aligarh University who was ostracized by his neighbours and colleagues for his homosexuality. The popular awards have chosen to ignore him, some even failed to nominate him in the acting categories. So that says what award functions think about the best performance of the year.

Taapsee Pannu – Pink


I saw Amitabh Bachchan getting nominated for PINK, I saw even Kirti Kulhari getting nominated in the Supporting category for the same movie. But what about Taapsee Pannu, who was equally good in the movie if not better? How can you encourage upcoming talent when you can’t even nominate a good performance when you see it?

Radhika Apte – Phobia


Radhika Apte gave two terrific performance in Bollywood this year, but it was her turn as the agoraphobia-suffering artist in Phobia that bowled me. It was easily one of the best performances of the year, where she successfully led the viewers to experience the harrowing ordeal she has to go through just by her act. Ignoring this performance is a huge sin.

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury –  PINK


I don’t understand the logic of this – you nominate the movie as one of the Best films of the year, but Chowdhury’s name is nowhere to be found  in the Director’s categories. Seriously, what logic is this?

Randeep Hooda – Sarbjit


Having seen Sarbjit and suffered through Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s shrieky performance, I can say the only reason I still have a little soft corner for the movie is for Randeep Hooda’s heart-rending performance. It is he who actually invoked emotions in you, especially in the scene where he laments to his sister about all the years he spent in a Pakistani cell, that doesn’t get cleaned for months. But organisers think Ash’s performance was far better, and so she gets nominated (and even won one award, I believe), while he gets the middle finger of ignorance.

Tannishtha Chatterjee – Parched


Dear Ms Chatterjee, please look at international arena to honour the talent inside you. The desi awards considered themselves too larger than life to even consider the niche movies that you are a part of. Not your fault, just that we are too obsessed with stars and glamour.

Raja Krishna Menon – Airlift


Imagine you made a movie on an incident that had affected lakhs of Indians in the past on a scale that is quite decent for an Indian movie, got great reviews for the film, and even made it a commercial hit, earning it to be one of the best films of the year. And yet neither your movie nor you get nominated for your efforts. What will you be feeling at that moment? Angry, irked, annoyed, frustrated? That must be same gamut of feelings Raja Krishna Menon must be going through at this moment. And we ask why Bollywood never attempts to experiment