Bigg Boss 10 Om Swami STRIPS on the show leaving everyone feel disgusted

Bigg Boss 10 Om Swami STRIPS on the show leaving everyone feel disgusted:

We thought after Priyanka Jagga’s unceremonious ouster Bigg Boss 10, Om Swami will mend his ways and learn to behave, but nope. The self-styled Godman created another ruckus inside the house yesterday, thereby disgusting his fellow housemates. So here’s what happened:

Bigg Boss has announced the captaincy task wherein the house has been transformed into a snow clad region. An igloo has been placed in the garden area. Every time the buzzer rings, the housemates have to get inside the igloo through the it’s small door. The one who enters inside the igloo last will be out of the captaincy race. So Om Swami came up with this brilliant idea and fixed himself right at the entrance of the igloo. This obviously didn’t go down well with the other housemates, especially Rohan Mehra, who was highly pissed with Swami’s antics. The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame was in no mood to put with this nonsense and he too fixed himself right in front of the door of the igloo. This is when Om Swami also lost his mind and started stripping. Yep! And obviously everyone, especially Lopamudra Raut was disgusted and asked someone to stop him.

This when Manveer Gurjar intervened and asked him to move aside. When the final buzzer rang, everyone was out of the race except Manu Punjabi, Manveer and Rohan, who were still fighting it out to become the next captain. As they tried to get inside the igloo, Swami Om played a dirty game and strangled Rohan so that he loses the task making Manu and Manveer the final two contenders. This is everyone lost their collective minds and confronted him and made him realise that he has committed a huge mistake and somebody could have got hurt in the process.