Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Unexpected Loveline

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Unexpected Loveline The more character info that gets released about this show, the funnier it gets. It looks like the love triangle in JTBC’s upcoming rom-com Strong Woman Do Bong-soon will go three ways, and not two: Park Bo-young (Oh My Ghostess) will have a crush on Ji-soo (Fantastic) and a loveline with Park Hyung-shik (Hwarang)—this much, we knew. But apparently Park Hyung-shik will confuse them all by sending flirty mixed signals to both Park Bo-young AND Ji-soo, making each of them think he’s in love with them. HA.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Unexpected LovelineThe newly released stills and character descriptions provide a little more information on our three quirky characters, along with some unexpected twists in their romance. Park Bo-young headlines as Do Bong-soon, of the Dobong neighborhood in the Dobong district, a young woman born with with Herculean strength who tries to use her powers for good. She’s unemployed and nursing a crush on childhood friend Ji-soo, and she’ll get a job as Park Hyung-shik’s bodyguard. Her character introduction calls her “irreplaceable, unrivaled in charm, fatally lovely, immensely strong girl at the highest level [as in a video game].” Park Hyung-shik plays an oddball chaebol heir and CEO of a gaming company, who appears like a playboy because of his wily charm. His character is the frequent subject of rumors and tabloid articles, and one very persistent rumor is that he’s gay. Because of constant jealous rivalry among the step-siblings in his family, he’s hiding a lot of inner pain underneath his cheeky demeanor. He’s described as a skeptic who doesn’t play by the rules and just lives his life like it’s a game; but when the unusually strong heroine becomes his personal bodyguard, he’ll start to grow as a person.

Ji-soo’s character is an idealistic rookie cop who’s all about justice and the law, described as an energetic tsundere type who’s got boundless energy and only knows how to barrel forward. His character introduction calls him “explosion of handsomeness, eye-catching, fatally beautiful in uniform, energetic tsundere.” The heroine has a one-sided crush on him, and though he already has a willowy girlfriend (boo), he’ll be a dependable friend who protects Bong-soon.

The two boys and Bong-soon get caught up in a serial murder case that breaks in their neighborhood, and end up reluctantly living together for security purposes. Pfffft, I love it already. Once they’re living under the same roof, Park Hyung-shik’s flirting will give Ji-soo the wrong idea, leading to “a bromance we’ve never seen in dramas before.” Oh really. Hmmmm, I’m not sure I believe you, but you know I’ll be tuning in to find out!

Friday-Saturday drama Strong Woman Do Bong-soon premieres February 24.