Push Up Tips For Health Fitness Burn More Fat

Push Up Tips For Health Fitness Burn More Fat :- he push-up is one of those bodyweight exercises that everyone has tried at least once.

While it may not look like much, the push-up is definitely worth mastering.

There’s a good reason why it’s still being used by the military and sport coaches. It works.

It helps build both cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

It also serves as a foundation for more complex forms and teaches you how to use multiple muscles together.

Often times, push-ups can be difficult to perform because of improper technique.

Here are a few simple tips to help you perfect this bodyweight exercise and to avoid future injuries.

Remember, focusing on quality over quantity will lead to a healthier body and better results.

Tip #1 – Body Tension:

Instantly improve your form by rolling your hips under and tightening your butt. This will engage engage more muscles.

Tip #2 – Arm Position:

Place your hands under the shoulders at the top of your range.

Tip #3 – Range of Motion:

Good body form will help you from using your hips or head to shorten your range of motion. Complete a total extension from top to bottom with each push up. Don’t short change yourself!

Tip #4 – Shoulder Blade Movement:

Engage your shoulder blades actively with each push up. This is one of the most overlooked form issues.