How to Earn Decent Money Using AdMob for an Android App

How to Earn Decent Money Using AdMob for an Android App AdMob is a mobile advertising company and system that, in May 2010, was acquired by Google. Some Android developers who create applications and games for Android smartphones use the AdMob advertising system to monetize their creations. If you’re a developer and you’re looking for a way to make money on your own app or game while still keeping it free, you can make decent money using the AdMob system.

1. Develop an Android application. You’ll want the app to solve a problem and be extremely useful. If developing a game, make the game fun and unusual; a viral element will make users want to tell others about it.

2. Visit the Android Market publish page at Sign in using your Google credentials.

3. Follow the instructions to publish your app to the Android Market. In order to spur downloads, which ultimately decide how many users are being shown AdMob ads through your app, it is recommended that you offer the app for free.

4. Visit the AdMob website at Sign in using your Google credentials.

5. Click the “Add your first app” button.

6. Click the “Android App” button.

7. Enter your Android Market app information, including the Market URL for the app as well as its name and description, into the available fields. Click the “Continue” button when finished.

8. Copy the provided code, and then paste it into your Android app’s source code to implement AdMob in your app.

9. Re-publish your app in to the Android Market. Users who update your app or download it new now be shown AdMob ads. Depending on the number of downloads you get and the number of ad impressions users of your app are shown, you could make decent money using AdMob for an Android app. how much does admob pay per click,admob earning per impression,how much money does admob pay,make money with admob android,how much can you earn from admob android,admob revenue calculator,admob video ads revenue,admob earnings.

  1. Earn more with AdMob Mediation. When monetizing your app, you have the option to show ads from multiple ad networks to help maximize fill rates and increase earnings. …
  2. Show the highest-paying ads. …
  3. Go SDK-less, save time. …
  4. Keep users with rewarded video ads.