Make an androgynous style statement

Make an androgynous style statement Divya Puri, 26, fashion designer/model
“I will admit that nothing about wearing men’s trousers seemed stylish to me. But when I saw the look as a whole on me, I loved it! It all just came together perfectly.’
Staple: The trouser
The style for you
. As drab as the formal menswear trouser may look, it can actually make for a very smart look.
. A mid-to high-waisted trouser which is baggy looks really stylish when paired with a delicate,
almost sheer knit tee or tank top.
. You can even do a layered look with the top.
. A V-neck cardigan will also go really well with the trousers.
. Cuff the bottom of the trousers to make them ankle length.


Kruthika Ravi, 21, student-model
“I’m as feminine as a girl can be, so this is quite a drastic change for me. There’s nothing girly about this look, but I like how the styling still makes it chic.”
Staple: The shirt
The style for you
. A man’s shirt can look really chic when worn right. Don’t let the size bother you; it’s meant to be oversized.
. You needn’t stick to the conventional checks and stripes. You’ll be surprised to see the variety menswear has to offer.
. Prints are a fun way to go, like this houndstooth printed shirt. The front pockets add some great detail to the shirt.
. You can look out for other detailing as well, like interesting collars, cuffs, shoulder straps, front yokes, etc
. A crisp white shirt is a classic. If opting for a plain shirt, muted colours like sand, beige, dull sky blue, concrete grey, etc are good picks. Fabrics like linen and cotton are excellent for these colours.
. The shirt will look better if you fold the sleeves and push it back until your elbow. Pair the shirt with a great pair of jeans, depending on which fit you prefer for your body. Straight fit, boyfriend jeans or bell bottoms will go well with this look.


Bhavneet Chandok, 28,
PR, marketing manager
“I like the interesting mix of the rocker tee with the formal waist coat and the blazer with the shorts. It is a smart, semi-formal look, but still has a fun element to it.”
Staple: Waistcoat and blazer

The style for you
. Give the classic formal combo an interesting take by mixing and matching the waistcoat with the blazer.
. If the waistcoat is formal-looking, pair it with a casual, summery boyfriend blazer.
. Make the look more interesting by adding some colour to either your waistcoat or blazer.
. If you find prints like tie-and-dye or collars with a contrasting colour, it’ll add a funky twist to your outfit. Blazers with elbow patches are also a great detail to look out for.
. You can wear the blazer with just the waistcoat inside, or wear a rocker chic T-shirt or vest inside.
. For bottoms, pair it with tailored shorts to get a semi-formal look or with ripped or skinny jeans to achieve a more edgy look.

  • Make an androgynous style statement