Iran imports 149 tonnes of yellowcake

Iran imports 149 tonnes of yellowcake :- China judge slams Trump as ‘enemy of rule of law’ A top Chinese judge has branded US President Donald Trump an “enemy of the rule of law” for his attack on the US judiciary.

He Fan, of the Supreme People’s Court of China, in recent comments on a social media page likened Trump’s criticism of his country’s judiciary to the murder of a judge by a criminal gang in China last month.

“A president criticizing judges and bandits murdering judges are all enemies of the rule of law,” the Chinese judge wrote on his public WeChat social media page.

“In a country claiming to be the most democratic and most based on rule-of-law, for a president to lead the charge in scolding judges… makes him no different from a bully without dignity!”

The remarks come after Trump launched a tirade against US District Judge James Robart for suspending his travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries last week, deriding him as a “so-called judge.”
The file photo shows US District Judge James Robart.

In a series of tweets on February 4, Trump insulted Robart, threatening to overturn his judgment.

Judge Robart of Seattle, Washington, ruled on February 3 in favor of a lawsuit seeking to overturn the presidential order, which blocks the entry of citizens from the seven countries.

Since Trump’s inauguration last month, Chinese media and officials from the ruling Communist Party have blasted the “systemic crisis” facing capitalist Western democracies.

Trump’s threats to get tough with Chinese trade practices have also sparked fury and anger in Beijing. In addition, Trump’s Twitter outbursts against the media have prompted scathing commentary in China’s nationalist publications.