10 Best High Protein Low Fat Snacks that are Healthy

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You must eat to sustain and energize the body in the hours between large meals. Good news for those of you who like to consume high protein low fat snacks when hungry. They have a high success rate related to weight loss or as a complement to bodybuilding activities.

However, most high-protein snacks are balanced with fat, carbohydrates, added sugar, and other ingredients that your body doesn’t need. Then what’s the solution? The key is the food or snack that you eat must contain protein and be nutritious.

According to a senior nutritionist from Australia named Aloysa Hourigan, choosing foods that are high in fiber with a decent amount of protein, can prevent hunger before eating or in the afternoon.

So, what kind of snacks do you need? This article will help you find healthy protein snacks with simple recipes that you can enjoy complementing your nutritious food.

Best High-Protein, Low-Fat Snacks.

1. Boiled Eggs.

high protein low fat snacks recipes

In addition to being nutritious and healthy, boiled eggs have every nutrient that the body needs. One boiled egg has a protein content of six grams, and they are high in B vitamins and will make you full until the next meal.

2. Turkey Sandwich.

turkey sandwich

This high-protein, low-carbohydrate snack with a delicious taste is the right companion to wait for your lunch break. Consisting of chunks of turkey and cheese, some vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber slices, and lettuce wrapped in turkey rolls without breading make healthy, tasty, and delicious snacks.

3. Beef Jerky.

beef jerky

 It is made by chopping, and then dried, so it is low-fat, making it a good snack for you. One serving of beef jerky contains about 11 grams of protein. To supplement your nutritional intake, it is better to add some vegetables such as carrots to give you fiber and vitamins.

4. Roasted Chickpeas.

Chickpeas are a type of beans that have nutrients such as protein and fiber which are very well for your body. The combination of these two nutrients is beneficial for some of your health conditions.

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By way of baking it becomes a delicious way for you to enjoy this because in one ounce the chickpeas have some 120 calories with six grams of protein.

5. Veggies and Hummus.

Hummus is made from beans boiled with olive oil and has some carbohydrates the body needs. This is one of the choices in the list of high protein low fat snacks with the suggestion of serving 1/3 of a bowl containing about six grams of protein.  

veggies and hummus

Pair your hummus in a container with some vegetables such as carrots or cucumbers as a complement to enjoy it when you are relaxed.

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6. Edamame.


Edamame contains protein, vitamins, and minerals with salty and savory flavors made from immature soybeans, suitable to be enjoyed at home or while traveling and suitable for those of you who are on a vegan diet. Steam edamame, peel, eat, then enjoy or can be put in a container for storage and under traveling.

7. Greek Yogurt.

high protein low calorie snack

Having a good taste, Greek Yogurt contains important nutrients with low calories in general. Besides, you can enjoy it by adding your favorite fruits to improve nutrition because in one portion Greek Yogurt contains only a few nutrients.  

8. Cottage Cheese.

This low calorie snack contains high protein with the addition of other nutrients such as Vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, etc. This snack can improve body health by providing essential nutrients and replacing snacks containing sugar.

cottage cheese

The protein in Cottage Cheese is called casein which has slow-release characteristics that can distribute amino acids for your body during sleep. You can consume it about 30 minutes before bedtime to get these health benefits. 

9. Nut Butter.

They have many important nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus, healthy fats, and minerals so, it is right for those of you who want to consume snacks with dense nutrition. Consumption correctly and do not overdo it with two tablespoons smeared on your wheat bread to get a healthy intake of carbohydrates.

10. Pumpkin Seeds & Nuts.

Baked peanuts have a delicious and tasty taste that has high protein content. Even though it’s full of nutrients, don’t add a lot of salt and sugar to the nuts that you will consume, because it’s the same as you don’t get anything. 

high protein low fat snacks australia

Pumpkin seeds will make you full for quite a long time because they are rich in protein and fiber. In addition to protein and fiber, they have magnesium, zinc, fatty acids, and antioxidants that are useful for protecting your body from various diseases. Roast your pumpkin seeds and enjoy them on the go or relaxed moments in 1/4 cup portions. 


It is important to remember that although, high protein low fat snacks can help you get small amounts of calories, this can make you gain weight if you eat excessively or the snacks you consume are unhealthy choices. High proteins meal will make you feel full for a certain period, and that is important especially for those of you who are on any diet, such as a vegetarian or keto diet because it will delay the hunger. Choose the type of healthy snacks that have balanced nutrition, and consumption within reasonable limits to suit your health goals.

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