10 Mins Abs Workout at Home for Beginners

10 min abs workout at home

It’s 2021 and it’s time to work on those New Year’s resolutions with this 21 days fix for a flat stomach. This is 10 mins abs workout and to get the best results. So let’s get started!

We’ve got 12 Exercises Today, 40 Seconds on, and 5 to 10 Seconds off.

  1. We’re starting on a mat with V-up alternate knee tucks. Have your arms straight and lift towards your left toe as you breathe out. Then go back down and breathe in and repeat on the other leg. Remember your core should be doing all the work here.
10 minute abs workout no equipment
10 Minute abs workout no equipment
  1. Now flip around into a plank position and kick one leg towards the opposite hand, then repeat on the other side. Focus on your core you’re working your abs here.
plank kick through
Plank kick through
  1. Now get flat on a mat again crunch up as you breathe out while bringing your legs in. Then extend your legs and breathe in. Make sure you’re squeezing your abs when you breathe out.
cocoon crunches
Cocoon crunches
  1. Now flip around again into a high plank position. Start with bringing your left knee towards your left elbow and then to the right elbow, then repeat the same to the other side. Engage that core and focus on breathing guys.
elbow plank
Elbow plank
  1. Get that on a mat and we’re doing Corkscrew. Use your core muscles to lift your hips off the ground and tip your pelvis and legs towards your left and then towards your right. Do it slow and control and this works the obliques and your entire ass.
10 Minute abs workout at home abdominal and oblique
10 Minute abs workout at home abdominal and oblique

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  1. Flip around into a low plank position as you dip your hips from side to side. This really what’s obliques. Keep pushing, this is almost halfway through.
10 minute abs workout for beginners
10 Minute abs workout for beginners
  1. Lay on your back and now we are doing Semicircle crunches. You are crunching towards the side working those ABS, keep pushing.
semicircle crunches
Semicircle crunches
  1. Now get into a side plank, dip your hips and then do a franchise. You have already passed through the halfway mark. So don’t even think of quitting now. If this exercise is too hot you can always do it!
side plank
Side plank
  1. Now lay flat on the ground and we’re doing some alternate jackknives. Where your left-hand touches your right foot and then you do the same on the opposite hand and mate.
alt jackknives
Alt jackknives

Just 3 More Exercises of 10 Minute Abs Workout to go Work those Abs.

  1. Now sit on your butt and we are doing a combination move. First do an in-and-out crunch followed by a Russian twist as in cold. This is a really hard one. So, just do the best you can just a couple more minutes.
russian twist
Russian twist
  1. Now lay flat on a mat and we’re doing a roll-up. Keep your arms straight and using your core to lift yourself towards your feet. If this is too hard, just take it nice and slow. Give it all you got because this is how abs are made

12. Now get into a high plank and let’s end this with mountain climbers.

10 minute abs workout 21 day fix
10 Minute abs workout 21 day fix

Great work everyone! I hope your stomach feels a burn with this 10 mins abs workout. Continue to cool down or the next exercise.

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