10 Success Tips for Getting Into Shape After 40

getting into shape after 40

Going on a diet and exercise, avoiding drug abuse, and using vitamins and health supplements can help you look more energetic, feel younger, and getting into shape after 40. If you are a person who has lived more than 40, some younger people might consider you an old person. This might make you feel that the best days are behind.

Of course, this is not true! You are not old and your spirit should still be the same as before because there is still much to be risked in your life. Take a look, many people have their first child in their mid-30s or 40s. Therefore, they need you to raise them and bring them to the highest level of education.

We understand that as you get older and your family continues to grow, your free time will soon be absorbed by so many things. Having the responsibility of course makes it difficult for you to set a schedule for exercising consistently. Besides, with increasing age certainly causes metabolic changes that tend to slow down. This also affects the reduction in testosterone levels.

Therefore, we will show you a simple and sustainable way to keep you healthy and fit in your 40s.

How to Start Getting Fit After 40 Female and Male?

#1 Prepare Your Mentality.

First and foremost, your mentality. The point here is to change yourself to be successful and you must believe that your efforts will succeed at this age. Set aside your past failures by changing your mindset and strategy by making your training plan. Also, add additional triggers to develop healthy habits and lifestyle to ensure you continue to struggle.

For example, by taking a photo of your youth as motivation with appearance. Or something simpler like the desire to jog with your children. Whatever the trigger, make it look like it can get you back the energy and strength you once had. That will be a very powerful motivator.

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#2 Stop Abusing Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs.

Getting into shape after 40 is not about reducing, but stopping bad habits completely. If you already have a family that is totally dependent on you, you should stop using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Although one of them has benefits when used at a reasonable rate, if you have a strong dependency problem, it is recommended to avoid it. Avoiding the three certainly can make your quality of life really improve.

#3 Improve Posture.

Compared with men, women are twice as likely to suffer neck, upper back, and shoulder pain. This is caused by poor posture. To overcome this, try to inhale when sitting or standing tall. Then pull your stomach up and exhale your breath while maintaining this position. You can consult with your doctor to find a healthier posture to practice.

#4 Prepare Your Diet and Go Exercise.

You already know that obesity is a health crisis caused by a bad lifestyle, especially in today’s modern world. The ease of getting fast food or processed foods and added lack of exercise can add to the weight problem. Being overweight certainly speeds up the aging process because this condition is associated with various diseases.

However, there is always hope to reduce the aging process and make you younger, by doing a good diet and exercising. Activities like jogging can make you energetic throughout the day. It can even increase libido if you do it regularly.

So why jogging? Getting into shape after 40 years and you have never had any exercise regimen, jogging is an activity that you can do easily every day. This is the first introduction and basis before you enter more intensive and productive training.

But there is one problem that arises when you do jogging. That is joint pain in the knee or in the area where it works. This is a condition of Osteoarthritis which can be a nightmare for people who are overweight because it can prevent them from losing weight.

For this problem, you should consult with your doctor to find drugs that can support your joints such as Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin or take the time to read this. To reduce the impact, you can do light activities like walking in the morning. This is more than enough to make you do physical activity every day.

No less important, reduce the consumption of sugar, pasta, starches, and soft drinks. Then eat green vegetables and lean protein such as skinless roast chicken or fish. Then drink more water.

Remember that this is a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet until you succeed because your eating habits today will build eating habits for the future.

#5 Fill Fuel Before Exercising.

Exercising on an empty stomach can make you tired faster and not be able to work hard for long periods. Your body will break down muscles when you lack energy and do not have enough heat available. This will slow down the metabolic rate. So make sure to eat small portions one hour before exercising so that the nutrients in food can be optimized for your body.

#6 Sleep for Recovery.

Your body needs to rest after a tiring workout. Because getting into shape after the age of 40, sleep becomes very important regardless of your fitness goals. Either lose weight or build muscle. Even though your priority now is to make sure the kids get enough sleep, that doesn’t mean you forget yourself. Adults need at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night.

Is it difficult? The best way to get it is to change your sleep schedule. Instead of waiting for the next film, it’s better to go to sleep because your body needs to replenish energy, balance hormones, and improve itself. If you are disciplined to exercise, sleep is a natural way to get your body in shape. This is a great way to recover and get your body back in shape. While preventing various obstacles that can cause injury.

#7 Enter Intense Workout.

Feel better? Your body is stronger? Now it’s time to build muscle and maintain your body shape. This workout you can do in 3 sets with 8 to 10 reps or recommend. Warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes and cool down afterward. Don’t forget to take full rest between workouts for optimal recovery.

For example, you do a dumbbell bench press, seated cable row, dumbbell curl, plank, and dumbbell squat on Monday. Then on Tuesday, you have total rest. On Wednesday you continue training with the deadlift, dumbbell split squats, lateral raises, bench presses, and one-arm row. Then the next day, you rest. On Friday you come to the gym then go to the lat pull down, cable fly, trice kickback, and leg press. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can get a complete rest before returning on Monday.

#8 Consider Use of Supplements.

To be healthy and fit after the 40s, one of your top priorities is caring for your joints and bones. In this case, supplements are a way to consider getting the nutrients your body needs. Some supplements that are good for joints and bones include Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C and E. But you should talk with your doctor before taking supplements.

#9 Find Your Friends.

Exercising alone might bore you. Therefore find a group of friends who support each other to keep you motivated. You can set a schedule, then meet at the gym and live with them. It’s easier than you do it alone.

#10 Consistent.

This is an important point. When you achieve fitness, that does not mean you stop then do nothing else. Do you want that fat to come again? Big No! For that, you must maintain your healthy habits and become accustomed to maintaining a fit life.

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The Bottom Line.

Getting into shape after 40 is not just a dream. All you have to do is exercise regularly both cardio and strength training. Then eat whole foods, increase protein intake, and add supplements. Drink enough water and sleep, get rid of alcohol and his friends. Finally, try to be consistent.

At this age, reducing fat or adding muscle may take a little longer. Therefore, what is needed next is patience and a strong determination to carry on continuously throughout a lifetime. Remember, before doing any fitness program, consult your fitness expert or doctor because this article is for general information purposes.

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