3 Best Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners To Advanced

weight loss workout plan for beginners in gym

Do you want to lose weight to slim down, and tighten your body? Today, many among adolescents and adults who are obese due to unhealthy lifestyles, but over time many of them are aware of the importance of a healthy body with an ideal weight. Therefore, a weight loss workout plan for beginners will help you get the ideal weight in an effective and fun way.

This can be a challenge for you to do, so just do it! If you need encouragement to start training, a fitness center is the best place to do this besides at home. The first thing to do is, commit and be motivated if fitness and health are your goals followed by determining an exercise plan.

The question is, where should you start? This article will help you to build an exercise plan for beginners who want to lose weight because of the exercises below are easy enough to follow.

1. Workout Plan for Beginners.

Based on research, to lose weight it takes around 150 to 250 minutes in one week. Even though the numbers look a lot, there’s no need to be afraid because you will start from the very bottom when starting this exercise plan.

First, choose the form of activity that you like, and which is easy to do for a beginner because you have to complete the exercise every day within one week. Generally, a beginner who is just entering a fitness sport will choose to walk because this is a form of exercise that can be done anywhere, and there is no equipment.

Light cardio activities such as walking with intensity that you can do for 3 random days in one week for 30 minutes each session. Then followed by strength training for 2 random days within 20 minutes each session. Strength training is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening or building muscle.

Why is strength training so important for weight loss besides cardio? The answer is that when your body is stronger, it will reduce the risk of injury and falling, both during sports and routine activities that will make life easier. In addition, strength training will increase the body’s metabolism which functions to lose fat. This suits your purpose, right?

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On weekends, you can do exercises with a faster intensity for 30 minutes such as biking, swimming, or aerobics classes that are followed online. The exercise is very good for burning more calories and can improve and maintain the fitness of the heart and lungs.

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2. Workout Plan for Intermediate & Advanced.

If you are able to complete a weight loss workout plan for beginners and become stronger, immediately increase the intensity of the exercise gradually to make it even more difficult. This is useful for burning more calories and getting better strength.

This training phase includes strength (circuit training), HIIT training and relaxation to reduce stress levels and make the body healthier. For strength training you can do with your own weight or bodyweight that you can do 2 times a week on a random day with a duration of about 40 minutes a day. For example, a weight squat with 20 reps or as much as you can, followed by push-ups of 10 reps, walking lunges, 10 dumbbell row on each arm, planks for 15 seconds, jumping jacks with 30 reps, and repeat this circuit for 3 times.

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The next type of exercise is HIIT or high-intensity interval training, which is a cardio training method that uses a combination of high-intensity and moderate / low intensity exercises at certain intervals suitable for male and female. This exercise can increase the development of fast muscle fibers that are useful to increase the speed and strength of the muscles of the body so that it will make you more agile. You can run this exercise for 2 random days in about 20 minutes each session to burn calories very quickly.

In addition, to make your body relaxed, go jogging or walking that you can add to yoga relaxation on weekends.

3. Healthy Diet.

To accompany exercise to be more optimal, a healthy diet is needed because these two things are interrelated. You cannot get the ideal weight, if you only run the exercise but do not adopt the right diet.  Usually, when someone is undergoing a weight loss program, they will eliminate high-fat foods from the menu list. Now you don’t need to do that, because there is healthy fat that you can put into your diet.

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If you like to eat meat, eat in small portions and limit the amount of red meat and then replace it with poultry such as chicken, or fish with high omega-3 fat content such as salmon cooked by baking. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables are also recommended getting the intake of vitamins and minerals as a complement to the nutrition of your diet while avoiding processed foods and drinks that contain lots of calories with empty nutrients.

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The three stages of a weight loss workout plan for beginners above will make your activities more effective and efficient. To get the best results, monitor your exercise performance and the number of calories you eat every day. If what you do is balanced, the desired target will be achieved within a few months. After reaching your ideal weight, maintain exercise and a healthy lifestyle to keep your body healthy and fit.

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