3 Best Weighted Dip Belt for Building Upper-Body Muscles

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A weighted dip belt is a weight training accessory that is often used by someone to do dips or pull-ups in the gym. Users use it to increase strength and build muscle in the upper body by increasing the amount of weight that depends on the belt chain. This will make you work harder than usual to pump your muscles into bigger ones.

Maybe you think that using this belt only aims to increase the amount of weight used. Actually, this is not entirely true because they have some functions that are better than you think such as providing protection from injuries while doing hip squats, maintaining balance especially when squatting, and this is safe even when many of you think this is dangerous, but should still be used with caution careful like keeping your spine stationary. 

If you regularly do weight training and have reached a certain level of strength, then you want to increase the intensity of the training, then you need a belt that is reliable, strong, comfortable, and durable to make progress from your efforts. Generally this belt is worn around the waist with a chain feature attached to place the weight.

How to Choose the Best Dip Belt?

Add a word near me or for sale in your browser’s search field if you want to find the closest shop from where you dwell that sells a dip belt. It might be difficult for you to choose with so many belts sold on the market with various advantages and disadvantages of each. But the most important criteria for you to know in choosing a belt include several things including, material, size, and chain.

Belts made of leather are mostly of high quality and have longer durability. Even so synthetic belts are no less good because each material also has its own shortcomings. To handle heavy loads, leather belts have better abilities than synthetic belts. But again that doesn’t mean synthetic belts are bad because the new design also offers high-quality material.

A dip belt is usually worn on your hips with a tight bond but will not fall during use and usually has the same size. Choose a belt that can be adjusted because it’s usually better. For chains, choose one fits your needs, for example, when you are going to practice on a high footing, buy a longer chain. If you are not too tall and do more exercises that involve core or dip movements, use a short-chain. 

So, what is the weighted dip belt that fits some criteria above? This article only shows the 3 best belts of the best in the market for inclusion in your reference.

1. IronMind De Rigueur Dipping Belt.

It has a simple and lightweight design, has a very strong construction with the Wicked-Strong feature that can lift weights of more than 453 kg that you can use for dips, pull-ups or squats. Based on user reviews on the Reddit forum, this belt is comfortable to use, has a modern design, adjustable size, is durable, and can protect the spine from the risk of injury.

2. Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt with Steel Chain.

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Made from hard and thick Polypropylene, they have a classic design with a chain attached to the belt. With a more affordable price than the IronMind De Rigueur Dipping Belt if you look at Amazon or Walmart, this can be the best choice for beginners to begin their dip trips. Additionally, they have chains and clips that are easy to attach and remove while having good durability. Like the IronMind De Rigueur Dipping Belt, this belt can keep your back in a natural position to protect against possible injury.

3. Rip Toned.

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This is the best choice if you need a material that is softer than the leather. Made of high-quality nylon with 34-inch chains will support you to do heavy tasks such as lifting barbell plates up to 90 kg. With the support of Kevin Weiss, a 2014 Powerlifter World Champion, this is the ideal choice for adjustable dips, squats, or pull-up exercises for all sizes of men and women.

How to Use.

Using this belt is simple, by opening the clip from the chain, then placing the load on the side. Next, with one hand holding the belt at the waist, and the other hand, passing the chain to then attach the chain to the belt and stand up slowly lifting weights from the floor.

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The weighted dip belt above is the best to consider from many great belts on the market. To make your exercise comfortable, the best dip belt is one that can add to the amount of weight without worrying, and most people will choose a belt like the criteria above. We hope that after reading the guidelines above, you can find at least one of the best belts suitable for use in your training activities.

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