3 Best Workout Plans for Women at Home

workout plans for at home

Workout plans for women at home are not impossible for those who want to make changes to their appearance and fitness. There are many women out there who are unhappy with their appearance, but some of them choose to stay that way because they think the process of change will be very difficult especially for those who are busy.

Taking time to exercise in the gym is certainly troublesome because you have to set the right time and plan to be able to go there. From now on, you don’t need to bother to arrange a fitness schedule because your house can also function like a gym.

Even though home exercise equipment is not as complete as a gym with some additional exercise equipment such as a dumbbell set and a mattress, you can already make an interesting and challenging routine. Some exercises below will work throughout your body, sculpting muscles and cutting excess fat!

The Best Exercise Plans for Women.

1. Fat Burning Exercises.

This exercise can be started by doing push-up exercises. Do push-ups for 20 seconds with high-intensity, and give a break for 10 seconds. After a break, continue again for 20 seconds with high-intensity. Then give a break to rest again for 10 seconds. Repeat up to 8 times and may rest for 1 full minute.

fat burning exercises

After your push-ups are finished, this time did squat exercises with the same time interval, and then continue with the burpee movement when your squat is complete. For burpee exercise, you can choose to do push-ups while on the floor, or get into push-up positions, but not go down, depending on your readiness.

If you are not satisfied enough or feel that you are not really pushing yourself with the above exercise, try to increase the number of reps done in 20 seconds of exercise, or can also increase the set, or add another exercise.

There are a variety of different fat-burning exercises that can be implemented into routine exercises that will help to burn large amounts of calories effectively while getting better overall shape. Some exercises that can be incorporated into exercises at home must be stairs lunge, skipping, or jumping rope. By incorporating these exercises into one fast-moving exercise, you can maximize calorie burning and melt your body fat.

2. Ab Exercises.

Before starting, use the mat while doing exercises for your ab. Set your timer for 50 seconds with high-intensity training and a 10-second break. The exercises include crunches, leg raises, planks, Russian twist.

workout plan for beginners female at home

When doing a crunch, keep your knees at 90-degrees and by using your core during the crunch, don’t pull your head towards your knees. To lift your legs, try to keep your legs straight, and keep them slightly bent but as straight as possible if it’s too hard.

Meanwhile when exercise planks, it is very important for you to maintain a straight back during exercise. For Russian twist exercises, remember that you must move your body with your core and not with your arms. You can use a dumbbell or medicine ball in this movement.

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3. Full-body Workout.

For this full-body workout, you will need a resistance band. These resistance bands are cheap and effective for a variety of exercises and maybe far more effective than expected, so, it is very suitable to be included in the list of workout plans for women at home.

full-body workout

This is a great tool for increasing strength and gaining muscle and can be used for fast-moving HIIT exercises if you want to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn lots of calories.

Some Full-body Workouts with Resistance Bands.

Front Squat.

front squat

Stand in a position above the band, place your feet slightly wider than the shoulders, then lift the top of the band until it is in front of the shoulders. Get down into the squat position, with your chest above and your knees above your toes, then push to the starting position.

Band Pull-apart.

Spread your arms straight and in front of you, simultaneously holding the band in both hands. Start by doing the reverse flight, move your hands to the sides of your body.

workout plans for women at home

Keep your elbows straight when doing the movements, and make sure you keep your shoulders back during exercise. Give a pause while completing the movement, then return to the starting position.

Upright Row.

Position your body to stand above the resistance band so that you feel resistance at arm height. Hold the band in both of your hands, and extend your arms with a slight bend in the elbows, and the back should be straight. This will be the initial position.

upgright row

Use the side shoulder to lift the band when you exhale. Hold both of your hands close for your body when moving them. Lift the resistance band until it almost touches the chin. When you lift, your elbows should always be higher than your arms position. In addition, keep the body still and silent for a moment while on top of the movement. Lower the band slowly back to the starting position, and simultaneously inhale while doing this movement, then repeat for the recommended number of repetitions.


You can also add an exercise plan for 8 weeks. Every day is a full-body exercise, and do the exercise on a predetermined day and don’t hesitate to add more exercise to this exercise. Rest periods must be limited when doing this routine. Try to keep your resting period between 30 and 60 seconds after each set and between exercises.

Workout plans for women at home are very important especially for beginner female, and of course, the way is much easier when compared to exercise for men because they usually need more exercise that involves machines and use heavy weights to build muscle mass.

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