4 Best Folded Fitness Equipment for Home Exercises

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If you look at exercise equipment in a fitness center, they generally consist of large and heavy machines. Also, the equipment takes up space which makes some people who want to build a gym at home discourage. Folded fitness equipment may be your choice to be able to exercise comfortably anywhere without having to regularly go to the fitness center. 

Plus, when your life starts busy with a schedule that is often sudden, it will be difficult to balance a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the fitness equipment below can be a solution for you. Now, you can do cardio in the room, both at home and at the office. 

The reviews below will make it easier for you to choose exercise equipment that does not disturb your room and can be folded. You can also comfortably undergo your training at home.

1. WalkingPad. 

You could say this is a mini, lightweight, and semi-portable Treadmill that can be folded, stored, and easily carried anywhere. For those of you who like to sit long in a chair, try walking on this small Treadmill. Research shows that walking for 30 minutes a day will have a positive impact on your physical and mental health.

This equipment has two modes, automatic and manual, to adjust the speed. In automatic mode, they will adjust their speed according to your movements. So, users can speed up or slow down. When in manual mode, your speed will be set in advance. This is specifically for you who want to maintain speed during training.

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When you first use it, it is recommended to use manual mode. Then, when you feel comfortable, you can enter a patented automatic mode. The way auto mode works is, if you step forward, your speed will gradually increase. Then, if you step in the middle or back, your speed will slowly decrease.

Besides, your exercise can be controlled from the WalkingPad App. Like controlling speed, tracking performance, running duration, and calories burned. To improve security, safety features are also embedded in this machine. These features can be activated from the app to prevent a child from stepping on the surface of the WalkingPad.

The size of this folded fitness equipment is small with a length of only 56.5 inches and a width of 21.5 inches. There are no handrails like a large treadmill, and the maximum speed is only 6 km/hour. Therefore, you cannot make big strides here. Also, the design is made of sturdy aluminum. With a relatively lightweight of about 62 kilograms, and is equipped with an LED screen to track your performance.

2. Stepper.

For those of you who don’t have enough space to place your fitness equipment at home, Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper might be suitable for you to strengthen your lower body simply and concisely. With two adjustable hydraulic cylinders, you will get comfortable and smooth movements when driving with a maximum user load of 250 lbs.

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The stepper is equipped with a soft, foam-coated handle, and a multi-function monitor to track performance such as training time, tracking calories, and the number of movements per minute or during training. As a bonus, they are easy to fold and store as you wish.

3. Rowing Machine.

This Stamina InMotion Rower can be folded, use hydraulic resistance, and become one of the lowest-priced rowing machines in the world. With prices ranging from $179 on the Amazon site, they are of good quality despite their small size. 

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With its compact dimensions of 56.5″ L × 23.5″ with a steel frame, it is enough for someone with a height of 180 cm and a maximum load of 250 pounds, even though this machine is very light with a weight of 27 pounds. They have five levels to challenge you and are equipped with an LCD monitor that displays data on speed, distance, number of calories, etc. 

Before using it, you are advised to have the right exercise program to live in. Because this rowing machine doesn’t have it even though it has a data monitor.

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4. Bicycles.


In general, bicycles tend to take up a lot of spaces in your home, but Brompton M3L bikes can be folded which makes it economical for storage. Equipped with three gears speeds, additional M type handlebars, and fenders. Now is the time Brompton helps you to enjoy the beauty of the city or find fitness by cycling while saving your time and money.


For those of you who prefer to exercise indoors, this folded fitness equipment is perfect for those of you who want to get good exercise. They offer the perfect solution when you don’t want to face bad weather. Or if you want to move your feet at home. Now, you can keep exercising and actively move anywhere and anytime.

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