5 Ab Workouts for Women at Home that are Easy to do

ab workouts for females at home

It’s not easy to get a slim middle body for a woman. They have a wide pelvis and long waist which makes it is difficult to get a tight, flat stomach like a man. However, you don’t need to worry because ab workouts for women at home will make you do more exercise than regular ab exercises.

Exercise for ab becomes very important. This will make your core stronger and more stable which is useful for simple tasks like walking or running. Or more difficult tasks such as injury prevention, improving balance, etc. Ab exercises for females are not always about standard sit-ups. Many other forms of exercise are no less great for strengthening core muscles. 

Besides, core muscle exercise has been proven to stabilize the spine and pelvis. This is useful for improving posture and can reduce or prevent back pain.

Ab Exercises for Women at Home.

The easy movements of the exercise below will guide you in getting the dream ab muscles and will make your pants fit better, let’s see!

1. Side Plank.

Unlike the standard plank movements, your weight will be supported at two points and will make a lot of work on the core to remain stable. In this exercise, your abs and your back will together keep the spine straight and elongated.

ab workouts for at home

How to: Begin by lying on your left side, elbows support the upper body under the shoulders with straight arms. Then stack your feet or place one in front, then tighten your abs while lifting your hips from the floor to form a straight line from the shoulders, spine to the feet. In this straight position, hold for 30 seconds before repeating on the other side.

2. Dumbbell Push-Up.

dumbbell push-up

How to: Get into a push-up position by placing a pair of dumbbells in both of your hand’s shoulder-width apart. Tighten your abs, then lift one of the dumbbells by bending the elbow toward the chest. Lower backs and repeats with your left hand. Within one minute, you should be able to complete as many reps as possible with a break of about 10 seconds.

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3. Bird-Dog.

The third ab workouts for women at home will train your core, glute, and balance, and focus on the strength of the lower part of the back which is often called the bird-dog movement in yoga. Some initial movements will usually make you unbalanced, but more you do it, the better your control will be. 


How to: Get into a position like crawling with straightening your knees under your hips and palms on the floor with straight arms. Then lift your left arm at shoulder height in a straight forward position. Next, lift your right leg at hip height by straightening your back. Hold for a few seconds before returning and repeat the other side with 15 repetitions.

4. Reverse Crunch With Leg Extension.

effective ab workouts for females at home

How to: Lie on the mat with your back shoulder slightly raised, and placed your hands behind your head. Tighten your abs with your lower back steady on the floor, then lift your legs. Hold for one second, then bend your legs toward your chest while shrugging your shoulders, chest, and elbows bent until it touches the knee. Return in starting position by stretching your legs and lowering your shoulders, then repeat 12 reps for 2 or 3 sets.  

5. Boat Pose.

Boat Pose is one of the most effective moves to train the core in this list, which most of you do not think that this exercise can tighten the abs. 

ab workouts for at home without equipment

How to: Sit on the floor by lifting your knees at chest height by balancing your lower body. Then pull your knees with your chest up while keeping your spine long. Next, position your shin parallel to the floor, and tighten the core to slowly straighten your legs up. Bring the shin back parallel to the floor, when your back begins to bend. 

The Bottom Line.

Ab workouts for women at home above will help strengthen the core and improve posture. But it does not significantly reduce fat in certain parts. This exercise is easy to do because you can do most of it without equipment. Besides, to get the ideal body, combine the above ab exercises with Cardio. Because to get a flat stomach, it is not possible just with this ab exercise.

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