5 Best Ankle Weight Exercises For Sexy Butt and Thighs

ankle weight exercises for bum

Ankle weight exercises are a good form of exercise to create more resistance when you move. This is exercise equipment intended for adults or for seniors and can be used in many ways such as light training or for injury rehabilitation to regain strength by using less resistance. 

This equipment can be added to your routine activities to provide resistance and increase challenges for your ab muscles, for legs and butts. Also, using ankle weights can train your entire body. This is more efficient than those who struggle to spend time with lots of gym equipment to get a full-body workout.

Keep in mind that, exercise using ankle weights is not recommended for knee pain, and for those of you who have hip problems to avoid unwanted injuries. Besides that, this equipment should only be used during your strength training, and not when walking or running, because using it during cardio training can cause injury because of the joints on your ankles will stretch. Ankle training using weights is also known to be beneficial for dancers because they need strong thighs and legs to make balance movements.

Interested in this equipment? Take a set, and immediately wear it on your ankles for some great exercises below that you can do in 3 sets with 10 reps.

1. Bicycle Kick.

This movement will activate many muscles such as for thighs, abs, hip flexors, and butt muscles in a short time by giving an amazing effect.

The way to do this exercise is quite simple, starting with sitting on the floor with your arms locked and your palms on the floor to maintain balance. Then lift your knees toward your chest and stretch one of your legs straight forward. Give a short pause then pull back toward the chest. Change the other leg in the same way as before. Over time, you can increase the speed with movements such as pedaling a bicycle and make it more challenging by removing your hands from the floor to give your core more opportunities to get involved.

2. Donkey kick.

Donkey kick exercises are proven effective for bum when done in the right way of such as not turning the pelvis or moving the spine, and keeping the core muscles strong during exercise.

With your palms and knees on the floor, lift one of your legs by pushing back and slightly upward. Give a pause of 1 second then lower back down without touching the floor, and straighten back again. Repeat until the number of reps you want and change to the other leg.

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3. Leg Lifts.

The third ankle weight exercises involve the lower ab muscles. With a lying position on the floor and face up. attach the weights to your ankles, and place your hands beside your body for support. Then lift your legs about 15 cm on the floor in a controlled motion then stopover for 2 seconds if you can. Feel your quadriceps, abdomen, hip flexors and lower back involved. Next, slowly lower your legs and do repetition.

4. Side Leg Lifts.

The hips and side glutes will be done with an exercise is known as an abduction. Besides, you can do this in a lying position on the side of the body to improve balance in addition to a standing position.

To begin, attach the weights to your legs then hold a chair or sturdy object and stand behind it. Pull your breath then lift one leg to the side and hold 1 second in the upper position by keeping your back straight. Lower the foot slowly and repeat as many times as desired and replace the other leg.

5. Squat With Leg Lifts.

Exercises such as squats are useful for runners to build strength in the legs and increase core stability. This is great for increasing the level of resistance to leg movements for speed.

First, wear the weights on both ankles, and place your hands on your waist followed by standing tall with feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your body to the squat position, then push your body up through the heel, and quickly lift one leg then to the side followed by returning to the squat position. Repeat with the other leg to work on your core, glutes, hips, calves, and thighs.

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Ankle weight exercises will involve almost all major muscle groups, and give you the comfort of exercising at home or wherever you want. After seeing the description of the form of exercise above, hopefully, you can find the right type of exercise to add to your fitness routine. Start with light weights to build balance, and gradually increase the weights to train your body’s strength. 

Although this exercise is basically safe, you should still consult a doctor before starting a new fitness regimen, and immediately stop the exercise if it causes pain. For those of you who have the goal of building muscle, this equipment is not the best because it generally has a lightweight between 2.5 to 5 kg.

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