5 Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Male Without Crunches

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Before we get into the best exercise to lose belly fat male, we’ll find out first what causes men to start getting belly fat. For guys, having a flat stomach is a matter of pride. This is a sign that you have worked hard in training to get a strong torso, hard waist, and always see what you eat. Fat is a problem for everyone, one of which is belly fat. It not only causes problems with appearance but is also a reason for many dangerous diseases that can cause problems later on.

Some of the reasons for the distended stomach is that you do not exercise, consume too many carbohydrates, lack fiber, drink alcohol, overeat, eat fast food, and consume excess sugar. Maybe some people think that dieting alone can make a fat loss. This is wrong! Aside from exercise, getting enough sleep also affects your success in losing weight or getting rid of belly fat.

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Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Male.

Removing belly fat may seem difficult and almost impossible. But that’s the task you have to do if you want the organs around the stomach to work well. So now it’s time to sweat to make your muscles move as they should.

#1 Burpee.

Train your muscles as much as possible if you want to lose fat. In this case, Burpee really did it. To hit all the muscles from head to legs, all you have to do is do explosive exercises that start from the push-up position, jump then back to the push-up again. According to research, Burpee training with 10 reps with fast movements can have the same benefits as a 30-second sprint. This is just as effective for increasing your metabolism which means burning belly fat will be faster than before.

best exercises to lose male stomach fat

How to: Stand straight, then lower your body to the floor until your palms touch the ground as if to sprint. Quickly, kick your legs back to the push-up position. Do push-ups 1 or 2 times then reverse the movement and jump when you stand.

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#2 Mountain Climber.

Doesn’t require any exercise equipment, It’s like a Burpee that makes full-body workouts including your core. Using only your bodyweight, this exercise has been proven to increase metabolism to burn fat and maintain heart health. If you will do it in a high-intensity, fat and calories will be burned very quickly. That means you will soon have a good stomach without fat.

best way to lose stomach fat male exercise

In addition, mountain climbers are also able to build cardio endurance and agility. When you make movements, shoulder arms, and chest will stabilize the upper body. At the same time, your core stabilizes the whole body.

How to: Get ready in the push-up position and make sure your weight is evenly distributed on the palms and toes. Then pull the left knee to the chest as far as possible. Switch legs, pull the other leg, and bring the other knee into the chest. Do it quickly, and remember to inhale and exhale when doing knee changes.

#3 Kettlebell Swing.

Kettlebell is one of the fantastic gym equipment as the best weight loss and calorie burner of all time. You need to involve several large muscle groups to move heavy iron balls such as hips, glutes, and quads. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to do 75 kettlebell swings 2 times a week. To get you accustomed, swinging two arms of the kettlebell is the first exercise you must learn to develop hip strength.

exercise to lose belly fat male

How to: Place the kettlebell in front of you between your legs. Prepare your stomach then bend your knees slightly. Pull back the kettlebell to create momentum. Next, push your hips forward while straightening your back to bring the kettlebell up to shoulder height while exhaling. Let the kettlebell fall back between the legs while breathing.

Use your hips to move, don’t force your shoulders to work too hard-swinging the kettlebell and don’t carry the bell over your head.

#4 Dumbbell Overhead Lunge.

Hunched shoulders and weak glute are some of the problems that cause a distended stomach. Therefore, you need the best exercise to lose belly fat male such as dumbbell overhead lunge that targets your back muscles and butts to build strength.

one arm dumbbell overhead lunge

How to: While standing with feet hip-width apart, hold light dumbbells in both hands or hold in one hand. Carry the dumbbell above your head and tighten your core. Then lower your body by moving your right foot forward and your left knee touching the ground. Then bring your left leg forward and repeat the movement.

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#5 Cycling.

Among other things, you could say this is the most fun way to reduce the volume of belly fat if you are cycling outdoors. Cycling inside or outside is a great cardio exercise and has a low impact on the joints. If you cycle for 30 minutes, on average a person can burn between 250 and 500 calories depending on speed and intensity. So if you want to make fitness progress by cycling, don’t overlook some key factors here.

stationary bike weight loss

So what are you waiting for? Use your exercise bike to see the countryside or use your stationary bike to burn more calories.

The Bottom Line.

Following an exercise program and maintaining a healthy diet is the perfect method for reducing high belly fat. Plus, sleeping for 6 to 8 hours a day contributes to losing weight fast. So try the best exercise to lose belly fat male, sleep and drink enough water, eat healthy foods, avoid alcohol and junk food.

If making a sixpack is easy, surely everyone has tight and sexy abs, right? But in reality, it’s difficult. Luckily if you have read this article because now is the time to challenge yourself by burning belly fat with easy exercises with the right method.

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