5 Best Resistance Band Back Exercises to Get V-Shape

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Usually, someone who will do bodybuilding exercises, use gym equipment like pull-up bars to get a beautiful and strong V shape. But, not everyone can easily do clean pull-ups right? Are you one of them? As an alternative, resistance band back exercises will help you get training that is no less great than a pullup bar. Also, you can do it anywhere without going to the gym.

For beginners who cannot lift the body to the bar properly and cleanly, it is recommended to use a resistance band. This basic exercise is useful for building your upper body strength before going up to the next level. So, what you need now is a ribbon to start sharpening and removing fat on the back while improving overall posture.

Below are some of the best exercises based on reviews from resistance band users on Reddit. So, get ready to start with us!

1. Seated Row.

This no anchor exercise can strengthen the muscle groups in the middle of the back right near the shoulder blades.

seated row
Seated row

How to: First, hold the band in both hands, and make sure the middle of the band is tied to the lower leg. Then, sit on the floor with both feet straight in front. Pull the tape back then hold it for one second and return to the starting position in a controlled manner. Complete in 3 sets with 12 reps.

2. Reverse Fly.

This is a variation of the dumbbell used to strengthen the muscles in the shoulder. When approaching full contraction, many muscle groups are targeted.

resistance band back exercises pdf
Resistance band back exercises pdf

How to: wrap the band around under your feet. Then stand with your body tilted forward by holding the band in both hands. Next place your hands in front of your knees with palms facing each other. Keep your back and arms straight, then pull the band up on each side of the body. Hold for one second above, and slowly lower it back to repeat.

3. One Arm Row.

When doing this resistance band back exercises, keep your arms tight and parallel to the floor when pulling the band. Besides, not only standing, you can do this exercise in a kneeling position.

resistance band exercises back workout
Resistance band exercises back workout

How to: Place a resistance band on the door anchor or a sturdy object at the height of your stomach. Next, hold the other end of the band with one hand. Then move away from the door about 4 feet with your upper body leaning slightly forward, and slightly bending your legs. Pull the band back and hold it for one second in elbow position below the shoulder. Slowly return to the beginning for repetition.

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4. Assisted Pull-up.

Pull-ups are the best exercise for building strong and beautiful back muscles if you do them right. The movement will involve almost all the muscles of the upper body. Before you make a natural pull-up, it’s a good idea to use a resistance band.

assisted pullup
Assisted pullup

How to: wrap a resistance band on one of your ankles. Also, wrap with other feet to keep the band safe. Hold the pull-up bar with a shoulder-width grip. Then lift your body until the chest reaches the bar and hold for one second. Go down slowly to repeat and do what you can.

5. Lat Pulldown.

This workout will strengthen the large muscles on each side of your back and is useful for reducing pain in the back, and neck.

lat pulldown with resistance band
Lat pulldown with resistance band

How to: Place a band over the door or a sturdy object above your head and make sure the door is locked and secure. In a standing or kneeling position, hold the ends of the band in both hands, then extend your arms slightly wider than the shoulders. Breathe while pulling the band towards your chest while pressing the muscles in your back. In this movement, your elbows will bend. Hold for one second when the hand reaches the shoulder. Then, return to the starting position while exhaling. Perform repetition in 3 sets of 12 reps.

The Bottom Line. 

Resistance band back exercises are a creative way to replace weight training in the gym. Over time, your strength will increase and make it easier for you to increase heavier resistance. You can also hold the contractions longer and slow down the tempo to put pressure on the band muscles.

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