5 Fastest Way to Build Muscle Without Steroids

fastest way to build muscle in arms

What is your purpose for exercising especially lifting weights? Increase in strength? To enter a bodybuilding contest? Or want to look dashing in the eyes of the girls? Whatever the goal, you certainly want the best form with the fastest way to build muscle right? 

Maybe some of you have searched for many references about the fastest and effective way to build muscle, in various media and online forums such as Reddit for example, but until now have not found a method that is suitable and easy to follow. 

You need to know, that ideal body changes require time to grow because building muscle is indeed difficult. If you see no significant improvement from your practice, there is probably something wrong with what you are doing from various aspects. For example, start with basic exercises such as bench press, pull-ups, or squats to master it and increase the challenge to make your muscles work harder and lose fat. 

Besides, whether a person builds muscle quickly depends on his physical health and fitness level. Please note the fastest way below to package muscles, especially for beginners who just entered the gym.

1. Maximize Muscle Building Exercises.

Gradually increase weights when you need a challenge. Or uncomfortable with certain loads because your muscles are still very likely to be pumped. Use a heavy load with a good repetition range of 8 to 12 to make it burn naturally.

fastest way to build muscle mass

Vary exercises to train muscles in more than one joint, such as squats, presses, or deadlifts. This is useful to help release testosterone because it is important for muscle growth. Especially for beginners, you can focus on large muscles such as the chest or back to build muscles faster. Also, reduce cardio intensity because your body needs energy and calories to pump muscle size.

2. Combine with Superset Exercises.

The superset is doing two exercises back and forth without a break. There are many types of superset exercises that you can do. The most famous is doing movements that target the opposite muscles, usually called antagonists. Bench press and bent-over row exercises are among them. This is a good idea to add at the end of the session because you will be exhausted. They will hit your body from different directions.

fastest way to build muscle naturally

3. Eat More Protein and Carbohydrates on Exercise Days, and off Days.

Weight training is the fastest way to build muscle and will break down a lot of your muscles. If your training becomes more difficult, more protein is needed for growth and repair during the recovery period. For example, a person weighing around 79 kg needs 20 to 24 grams of protein per meal.

To begin, eat before and after exercising. Then add carbohydrates to the water to drink while exercising. Over time, you can measure whether to increase or decrease carbohydrates based on your development. Besides consuming protein, carbohydrates are needed to grow muscles and burn fat.

fastest way to build muscle for skinny guys

Also, if you are not exercising, it does not mean you should not eat much. This is the time to fill your body with nutrients for growth, and muscle recovery. You can reduce carbohydrate intake today because you don’t need extra energy, but make sure to keep your protein high.

4. Drink a Protein Shake.

It’s important to get proper nutrition before, during, and after exercise. You can consume protein shake during exercise to get extra energy and calories to get maximum performance.

drink a protein shake

5. Consume Casein and Get More Sleep.

Casein protein can be absorbed into the bloodstream, which is popular among weight lifters. Compared to whey protein or vegetable protein, casein can give amino acids in your body longer to build muscle throughout the night, when you rest. Eat Greek yogurt or milk 30 minutes before you go to bed at home. 

get more sleep

Your muscles need at least 8 hours to restore and grow muscles. They also need proper nutrition. So, now there is no reason not to sleep faster after exercise.

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The Bottom Line.

Your body has hundreds of muscles to support daily life. However, you don’t need to think about building a lot of muscles, but it’s better to choose several large and important muscle groups to train. Our hope, the fastest way to build muscle mass above is a solution for those of you who haven’t gotten the ideal muscle.

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