5 Powerful Bodyweight Bicep Exercise at Home

bodyweight bicep workouts

Previously, we discussed the best tricep exercises. In today’s article, we will talk about the best bodyweight bicep exercise that you can do at home. Yes, building biceps without dumbbells or barbells may seem difficult. But, if you want to do a lot of work with bodyweights like pull-ups or something else, it’s still possible for you to build a killer bicep.

Large arm muscles will make your body look strong. It also increases the performance of your body that will facilitate all your daily activities. Therefore, many men do a variety of ways to get muscular arms. Most commonly, they do bicep exercises using dumbbells. Maybe you are thinking of building your arms by going to the fitness center. For women, bicep exercises are useful for toning and making the arms look slim and sexy.

But what if you want to build biceps at home? Can you build big arms without a gym membership? The answer is, yes! Actually, there are ways you can do to increase biceps without a dumbbell, which is using your bodyweight. So to get big arms without dumbbells, you can apply some of the workouts below at home.

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Best Bodyweight Exercise for Bicep at Home.

Even if you don’t go to the gym, it doesn’t mean you lose physical. Working on the arm might be a little complicated because most of it requires a dumbbell. But now you can get out of the weight room and do bodyweight training at home to get toned muscular arms.

#1 Chin-up.

Almost the same as pull-ups, chin-ups can be great back training to form a V-shape besides this exercise. This is a variation pull-up exercise where your palms face toward your body with a grip that is narrower than shoulder-width apart. This is one of the best exercises that strengthen the wrist if you have a weak grip. Besides, this exercise targets and suppresses the biceps more than pull-ups. Therefore, this is a good strength training exercise to get killer biceps.

bodyweight bicep exercises

How to: For beginners, place a bench under the pull-up bar and stand on it. Then reach the bar with both hands. Lift the chest to the bar by pulling the elbows over the rib cage and tightening the stomach to create body stability. When in a top position, stop for a moment. Then descend slowly to keep your muscles under pressure.

#2 Total Inverted Row.

Still using horizontal bars to hang. You can use a towel or grab it directly into the bar. When you come to this exercise and do it right, you will build muscle and strength in your back, biceps, forearms, grip, and core.

inverted row exercise

How to: Adjust your bar, the lower the bar the more difficult it is. Position yourself under the bar with a slight lying face up. Reach the bar with a handle slightly wider than shoulder-width with your palms facing toward your body. Make sure your shoulders, hips, and legs are in a straight line while tightening your stomach and butts. Pull your body over the bar until the elbows bend and the chest touches the bar slightly. Finally, lower your body slowly and repeat.

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#3 Close Grip Push-up.

Push-ups are the most popular workout on the planet. This is one of the best exercises for building arm and chest muscles. Without equipment, you can do it anywhere. If you do it routinely in the right way, your body will be guaranteed to be getting better and stronger.

push-up exercise

How to: Same as regular push-ups, but the difference is the distance between the two palms is almost close together. Tighten your stomach with foresight. With your elbows bent, lower your body down. Stop for a few seconds when the arms are parallel to the ground then back up.

#4 Plank.

You could say this exercise is easier than push-ups. Just by holding your body in a push-up position with your elbows bent, the plank offers overall core stability and makes your biceps work to keep your body in the right position.

bodyweight bicep exercises without equipment

How to: Enter the push-up position with your elbows bent 90 degrees. Lift your elbows, chin, and head parallel to your back. Hold this position and hold for 1 minute. Although it looks simple, the results obtained from plank exercise are no less great than push-ups.

For variations, you can do side planks because your biceps play a role in maintaining balance so that your body doesn’t fall.

#5 TRX Biceps Curl.

These are part of the TRX band workouts that challenge your body to keep moving in an unstable condition. Using suspension cables instead of regular weights or resistance bands, this exercise will train your biceps and core to improve your balance and strength.

bodyweight bicep exercises reddit

How to: Right in front of you, place the cable at the anchor point above your head. Hold each end of the cable with both hands with your body facing the anchor. Give distance between the body and the anchor point to create resistance. Stand with your body slightly leaning back, then start by bending your elbows higher than your shoulders with your back straight. Lower your body slowly until your arms extend. Finally, bend your arms again to bring your body toward the handle to return to the beginning.

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Muscular biceps are one of the muscles that all men want. That is still one of the strongest physical identities. The problem is, you need weights and you have to do dumbbells bicep curl to stimulate them with resistance. If you can’t access a pair of dumbbells, you can still get your bodyweight exercise for bicep at home in this way.

Basically, gaining muscle in certain body parts like arms is the result of regular exercise combined with a healthy diet. Therefore, without going to the gym you can already get it by applying both. Not only muscle, but you can also maintain physical and mental health.

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