5 Simple Ways to Use a Yoga Strap Stretches

yoga strap stretches for legs

Yoga Strap Stretches are a great way to stretch safely and easily in increasing flexibility and stabilizing the joints. Regardless of your experience in yoga, this will be very useful for beginners or advanced to practice progress and make yoga more enjoyable.

What are the Benefits of Yoga Strap?

These tools are very useful for all levels in helping yoga practice, they will align you with pushing and adjusting mentality to listen to the body, and not push hard. It provides many benefits such as posing correctly and reducing injuries such as relieving pain in the hip.

Although this is not the main goal of yoga practice, if you can master new poses that were previously unknown, then it can make you feel much better. So, say thanks to these yoga straps because they have succeeded in improving your practice. The time will come when you will be able to pose without the help of this tool if you practice the right way.

Yoga Strap Exercises.

Prepare your yoga straps to try several poses in various ways to help align, depth, length and will provide gentle support to get you deeper. Also, you can use an ordinary belt if you don’t have this yoga strap, so there is no reason not to try it.

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1. Side Stretches.

For those of you who like to sit all day at work desks in a bent position, this pose will help develop ribs and have benefits for the back.

How to: Hold the strap with both hands above your head with a slightly wider than shoulder-width. Move it slowly to the right and left side and feel your shoulders open and with each side of the body stretched.

2. Cow Face Pose.

Extending this pose can be a challenge for shoulders and arms if your shoulders are tight. So, try holding on to the rope with both hands to open it. Having another name Gomukhasana, this pose will make your hands move closer to other straps, your triceps and rotator cuff will reap the benefits. 

yoga strap stretches for back

How to: Stand or sit cross-legged while holding the end of the strap in the right hand, and bring it to the back of your head. Reach the other end of the strap behind with your left hand with the position of the belt straight along the spine. Then, move the belt up and down a few inches with your arms, and do it in 12 reps before turning to the other side.

3. Dancer Pose.

By suspending one leg on the rope, this is a form of yoga strap stretches that are good for exercising body stability and good for runners.

yoga strap stretches for hips

How to: Stand near a sturdy object for security then wrap the strap around your right foot. With your body leaning forward, raise your hands over your head to pull the right leg from behind and pull the strap to shorten the distance.

Tips: If it’s hard to do, try a pose that’s a little easier with your body lying on your side. Next, pull the straps with your hands to lift the heel over the shoulder.

4. Leg Stretch.

How to: Lie on your back, then place the middle of the strap on the soles of your right foot (toward your toes) then lift and point to the ceiling by straightening your legs while holding the ends of the strap with your hands. Make sure you keep your elbows on the floor with relaxed shoulders.

5. Seated Forward.

This pose is useful for hamstrings which you can do in two ways.

yoga strap stretches pdf

How to: The first way, place the yoga strap near the base of the foot precisely towards your heels. Then sit up straight while strengthening your core and contract your front thighs, and hamstring. This pose is useful for targeting the muscles in the front and flexing the back of the thigh and along the back of the legs.

The second method will make more calf and knee action aiming to stretch the back of the thigh by placing a strap close to your fingers make it more challenging, and avoid dropping the body or rounding the back and folding the shoulders which makes the chest stretch toward the legs.

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The Bottom Line.

With the 5 simple yoga strap stretches above, you will get many benefits through alignment, deepening and extension. Also, you can add other poses that you know to complete your yoga movements’ knowledge. 

Yoga straps can help improve alignment, deepening and extension to pose properly, so the risk of injury can be reduced. This can make you more confident to build strength with full poses easily because there are many beneficial movements for neck and legs.

Now you don’t need to go to the gym to get great body flexibility because this exercise you can do anywhere, and this tool is an affordable investment with many amazing benefits for your body.

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