5 Ultimate Workout Plan for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle Fast

weekly workout plan for skinny guys to build muscle fast

Calm down all you skinny guys, today I’m gonna be showing you the best tips workout plan for skinny guys to build muscle fast and packing on pounds of lean muscle mass. Let’s get straight into it!

Best Workout Plan for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle Quickly.

#1 You Need a Calorie Surplus to Build Muscle Fast.

Tips number one and priority number one, you must be consuming a calorie surplus of about 500 calories every single day. Also, getting between 1 to 1 and 1/2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. When I say between 1 and 1 and a half grams of protein per pound of body weight, that some people start with 1 gram of protein per body weight, it works pretty well.

meal plan for weight gain for skinny guys

But in the end, the results were inconsistent so they tested and tested consuming one and a half grams of protein every day. This is not easy! So does that mean you need one and a half grams of protein every day per pound of bodyweight? No! Start with 1 gram, if you are happy with the growth, if you are happy with gains, stick with it. If you want to try and level up, open 1 and a half grams of protein per pound of body weight.

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#2 Skinny Guys Must Eat Big Breakfasts to Build Muscle Fast.

Number two in the workout plan for skinny guys to build muscle fast, eat a big breakfast every single day. The reason for this is simple. To hate your calorie surplus, you’re gonna have to straight to eat a little bit more than you are eating. As at this point right now. Now, what better way to do this than starting the day with a big meal that’s gonna set the tone for the rest of the day.

If you have a small little tiny breakfast, the likelihood that you’re gonna has a small little not so big lunch. The small maybe not the biggest dinner as well, that’s very likely. You’re gonna get into the habit of just having regular-sized meals or small meals. When you start the day off with a nice big large breakfast, you’re gonna be actually stretching your stomach out a little bit more than it’s normally used to.

meal plan for skinny guys

Meaning by the time, you’ve fully digested this breakfast and you get on to lunch, your stomach is gonna be a lot bigger than it Normally. It is just simply because the tissues of stretch, meaning you’re gonna be able to consume a larger lunch, a larger dinner, a larger again another dinner your calorie surplus a lot easier.

#3 Eat High Calorie/Protein Foods.

Tips number three, consume and rely on high calorie and high protein foods. Now I’m not saying go and eat at McDonald’s. Trust me you don’t want that problem. You’re gonna get fat and you’re gonna get crazy. Instead, you need to rely on this one secret food that has a lot more calories than anything else. Do you see carbs, proteins? they got about four calories per gram. Fats, on the other hand, seven calories per gram.

So literally you’re consuming the same quantity, but you’re consuming nearly double the number of calories. So the foods that you want to intake that are high in fats, you want to get cheeses, milk, nuts, seeds and peanut butter, tons of calories. When it comes to protein intake, I’m gonna mention high-protein foods typically very expensive. I had to find some very cheap and cost-efficient protein sources that I’m gonna share.

meal plan for skinny guys bulking up

First, canned tuna. There’s like 23 to 26 grams of protein and a single can. They only cost like a dollar 30 each. Meaning four cans of tuna which equals a hundred grams of protein. It will literally cost you only six bucks. Besides, eggs very cheap. Peanut butter as well because there is a decent amount of protein in peanut butter. Also ground beef, okay it’s not very expensive, you can get a lot of protein in that.

Those were your main sources rely on these. Consume them daily, consume lots of them on a daily basis. Literally, you had about three, four, five, six of those items every single day. Trust me, it’s the key from going from skinny to muscular.

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#4 Train 3 or 4 Times per Week to Build Muscle Fast.

You cannot achieve success if the hand is in a pocket. You got to push yourself outside their comfort zone continually if you want to release achieve greatness in this world. So this workout plan is perfect for skinny guys to build muscle because it will build up the upper body and lower body fast.

I’m talking about the upper chest, your traps, your shoulders, and your legs really gonna build thickness, depth, and strength for that upper and lower body. To build muscle, do it in 3 sets with 8 to 12 reps. So let’s get right into the workout routine.

1. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press.

dumbbell bench press

The first exercise of the mass building, workout we’re going to do incline dumbbell bench press. This is going to build up the upper chest and really build mass on the upper chest region. It’s a really important exercise to go slow control, squeeze the upper chest at the top.

2. Smith Machine Incline Bench Press.

chest press for beginners

Besides this, the smith machine is another fantastic mass filler for the upper chest. It’s a lot more stable than the regular inclined bench press. So you should be able to go heavy on this build some great mass in the upper chest. It’s important to keep it in motion the whole time. A lot of guys in their bench pressing will stop at the top in your reps a few seconds. But if you want to build mass, you want to keep that muscle under tension, keep the weight in motion the entire time.

3. Diamond Push-up.

Third exercise the workout routine, we’re gonna top off a great upper chest workout with some diamond push-ups. You want to kind of put your pointer finger and your thumb together. Keep your body in a straight line. Go up nice and slow and squeeze the upper chest together at the top. You should hit your upper chest hard off the last you exercise.

4. Dumbbell Shrug.

Next, we’re going to continue to work the upper portion of our upper body. Build thickness and depth in those trap muscles. Use the strap because your traps are going to be a lot stronger than your drip string. So this is going to allow you to overload the muscle a lot better. Squeeze at the top and pause for a second, then back down slowly.

5. Dumbbell Arnold Press.

The fifth exercise to build muscle fast for skinny guys, we’ll do dumbbell Arnold press to be included in our workout plan. This is going to build mass in the front of the deltoid and is a great shoulder shaper. So you’re going to start with your palms facing in. Then going to slowly rotate, back down slow, controlled and full 180-degree rotation. This really works in front of deltoids.

6. Dumbbell Lateral Raise.

In the last exercise, we’re going to do shoulder sculpting exercise, it’s called the dumbbell lateral raise. It’s just an incredible exercise for sculpting and defining the shoulder muscle. So you want to keep the weight under control, nice and slow. You don’t want to pause at the bottom to rest your deltoids at all, you want to keep the muscle in motion under tension the entire time.

That was a fantastic mass building workout routine for skinny guys. It’s gonna build depth and mass that upper body. Specifically, the upper chest who traps near deltoids.

7. Squats.

I recommend you with your bodyweight to just start squatting at least twice a week at home. One thing with the squat is going 90-degrees and then back up. 90-degrees and then wake up. Remember, this normal squat might just get too easy if you don’t have access to any other weights. Therefore, an explosive squat might be useful. I can almost assure you that you’re gonna feel the burn.

workout plan for skinny guys to build muscle fast at home

Now that the bodyweight movement is done let’s move on to this gym exercise. I want to talk about the box squat. Simply in almost every single gym, you’re gonna have a bench to sit and perform. For those of you who have long legs, it might be a bit difficult if you have to go down to the 90-degree position when doing squats. Therefore the box will make you push back easily. From that point, this can help you improve your general squat. It’s an amazing exercise!

8. Lunges.

The last exercise, the lunges. Lunges are just so good single-leg lunges. I recommend burning them out one by one. If you have like a weaker leg, always start with that one and just move on into the next one, 3 sets of 10 repetitions. The thing with the squats you’re targeting like your whole lower body but with these lunges you’re targeting the quadriceps, the front of your legs.

If you’re really going heavy with a movement like this, I would also advise you to do something for hamstrings like a Romanian Deadlift. Or if you have a machine in the gym, a leg curl.

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#5 Stop Training Away Your Gains.

When it comes to cardio, you’re already skinny as it is! You don’t need to be losing anymore fat. Also, you’re having a tough time as it is already consuming the proper amount of calories to hit your surplus. If you start throwing cardio into your routine every single day or even 3 to 4 times per week, guess what? You’re gonna be burning away all those calories that were so hard to consume in the first place. Now you’re not even going to get any gains.

workout plan for skinny guys to build muscle

So if you’re gonna start training that much, you’re not eating even more than you already are. Or more than you already have to, it’s gonna be too difficult to maintain. Plus, those days where you’re not working out that’s when your body is doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes. The important stuff such as building muscle mass and increasing strength. So for now put the cardio away, focus on your training routine, and don’t train away all of your gains.


Most beginners usually think too much about everything, they are impatient and make no progress. There should be no question about whether I should train my chest and shoulders? Or how much protein should I eat? All of this is just your mind that is too far away and just a hunch that can make your muscle growth stunted.

You’d better start these workout plan for skinny guys to build muscle fast because now you really can get that muscle. Get big arms and legs like your idol. Building muscle is actually simple even though it looks difficult, complicated, and takes a long time.

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