6 Best Arm Workout Machines for Strength

arm gym machines

For most beginners, free weights can be scary. But you don’t need to be afraid, because here there are an arm workout machines that will guide you to find the right point, learn the movements, and lift safely. The machine will isolate your muscle group and help you where it is most needed to be done. As time goes by, exercise your hands with guided movements can prepare your body to enter free weights.

Even though it looks safe, the machine needs detailed attention to the settings, and the amount of weight so as not to hurt yourself if the use is wrong. Using repetitive motion in improper settings can cause the risk of injury and damage to joints.

Moreover, when using this arm machine at gym or at home, you will spend a lot of time sitting. If while doing sitting exercises then you spend your rest with a cellphone, the exercise will become very inactive, wouldn’t that be in vain? Although this machine is not as popular as a treadmill or something else, it’s a good idea to have one at home. It’s easy for you to find it on the internet by adding the word; for sale.

Because the machine makes you focus on one muscle group at a time of exercise. If you have limited experience and don’t know how to coordinate muscle contractions simultaneously through various areas of the body, this machine is a good way.

This article will help you provide the ultimate guide to knowing and using the arm machine.

1. Arm Workout with Lat Pull-Down.

This machine will work on the latissimus dorsi muscle in your back and wrap around the posterior rib. This tool simulates pull-ups, which are the best upper body strength exercises. However, doing pull-ups is very hard, before you try it, build up your strength first with this machine. Raise weights only when you feel comfortable and able to lift the weight, then you can do pull-ups perfectly. A strong and sturdy back will make you stand taller and reduce the risk of injury while looking very sexy.

arm workout machines at gym

2. Arm Workout with Rowing Machine.

This one machine will work totally on your body, especially the posterior chains while building your cardio endurance. Even though there’s no point in using a treadmill, this can be a great way to change your fitness.

arm workout gym machines

Like the lat pull down, rowing machines work on the lat but focus more in the middle because you will pull the load toward the body horizontally. This includes the back of the shoulder, biceps, and other back muscles. This exercise is a good step for those of you who sit more during the day at the office because you tend to lose strength in the muscles of your posture, when you are in a weak state.

3. Biceps Cable Machines.

Having big and hard bicep has been a symbol of virility for men since time immemorial. Getting the attention of girls and building big biceps are two common reasons why many people, especially men, go to a gym like Planet Fitness.

bicep workout machines

Many people rely on dumbbells or barbells to build their muscles, so, you could say it’s a small mistake. Because doing the same routine every day can make your practice ineffective. The arm workout machines with a cable are great for avoiding arm swings compared to if you use dumbbells. You will get the best when you start slowly increasing and losing weight. This cable will help you do that.

4. Triceps Cable Machines.

arm workout machines at home

You can do a variety of movements by changing the handles such as pull-down or cable biceps such as straight bars, V or using a rope. Like biceps, building strong triceps is important for push-ups and pull-ups to maintain balance in the arms.

5. Chest Press Machines.

chest press

This exercise is a very effective way to train several muscles at once. Chest press machine becomes effective to isolate the muscles of the front of the shoulder and chest muscles. This machine works on similar muscle groups such as bench presses or push-ups, and this can be a good alternative.

6. Shoulder Press Machines.

shoulder press machine

Exercise with this machine is a variation of you who uses a barbell, used to strengthen the muscles in the shoulder. Because the pattern of movement is fixed and focused on the shoulder, then you can do better in isolating the muscle groups that you will train.

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The arm workout machines above will be easier to use after you know and understand the names that often reflect the function of the equipment. Most machines have basic names like press or drag. Other words usually describe the position needed when doing exercise or identify the muscle group where the machine works.

To reduce the risk of injury, adjust your machine to fit your body. Positioning a chair that is high or too short and placing weights that are not suitable can make your exercise ineffective. If the arm hurts and is uncomfortable for routine activities, it’s time to step back, and do the exercises with fewer reps and don’t work too hard. This can be your short break from the gym.

Keep in mind that, do not do the same routine for a long time because the muscles will be bored as your mind. Therefore, challenge your body with new exercises to add variety to your fitness workout.

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