6 Best Cardio Machine for Weight Loss at the Gym

best cardio workout machine for weight loss

When people think of the best cardio machine for weight loss, they usually only think of the heart and its cardiovascular components. But that’s not all, it also strengthens your respiratory system and muscles. You must incorporate cardio into your fitness routine to connect and deliver oxygen and other important nutrients efficiently throughout the body, plus, cardio is superior in burning excess calories, and also breaking down fat.

Automatically many people think of treadmills, when doing cardio to lose weight. At Planet Fitness or other fitness centers, this is one type of machine that is currently widely used by many people. Running is called the first or only sport that most people do at the gym. However, you are advised not to use a treadmill only, if you notice there are many types of cardio machines out there. Start trying something new, and it has never been done.

Now let’s find out a list of all the machines that can be found because they work differently for weight loss.

What is the Best Cardio Machine for Weight Loss?

1. Treadmill.

It is the most popular because it can simulate walking, jogging, or running and can also be called aerobic machines. This is useful for those of you who like high-intensity interval training that requires you to do high-intensity exercise, followed by moderate intensity. Treadmills can increase strength while reducing fat, and toning your muscles.

best cardio machine for weight loss at gym

Many treadmills on the market includes a heart rate monitor that allows you to track your heart rate during exercise.

2. Elliptical Trainer.

You can think of it as a cousin of the treadmill, but it’s softer.

eliptical trainer

Step on this flat platform, then slide your feet back and forth like you’re doing cross-country skiing. As you can see, this is suitable for beginners, because it’s easier to do and not as much as the treadmill.

The main benefit of an elliptical is less pressure on your joints than a treadmill. If you have knee problems, this can be something you need to consider. However, because many people use elliptical trainers for advanced cardio, it takes a little longer to lose fat.

3. Exercise Bike.

One of the best cardio machine for weight loss on this list that you can buy at home, without spending a lot of money. This exercise allows you to read or listens to music to spend a better time. You can burn 500-1000 per hour, depending on how fast you pedal and the resistance settings used.

best cardio machine for weight loss at home

Avoid mistakes by setting resistance at very low levels because it is totally ineffective. Like the ellipse, this bike is not too hard on the joints, which can be a good choice if you experience pain in the knee.

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4. Rowing Machine.

This will help you burn fat, and build muscle while increasing cardio fitness. This exercise builds your back into a rowing athlete or elite swimmer!

rowing machine

Unlike the 3 equipment above, the rowing machine works in the upper body besides the legs. At a moderate intensity, you are able to burn nearly 1000 calories per hour. You must study until you are comfortable with the movements, and once you do, this can be a good alternative if you want movements that are not too intensive in the lower body.

5. Stair Climber.

These exercises basically involve in climbing movements, just like the name suggests. This tool has two types, stepper stairs, and stair mill.

stair climber

In burning calories, the mill is the most effective while providing overall body exercise. You will pretty much do exercise on most of the muscles in the lower body because of the movements involved.

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6. Ski Machine.

The ski machine gives you full-body workout experience. This is because it works both for the upper and lower body at once. This will not damage the joints or soft parts of the body because this machine has a low impact. The moderate-intensity only burns a few of your calories rather than high-intensity exercise for the same time. You should be able to burn 400 to 600 calories every hour while you are here.

There aren’t either many features provided with this type, even though you vary the intensity of the exercise. However, this tool requires considerable coordination and this will make you alert, and always focus at all times.


Regarding the number of calories that can be burned in a certain period, the treadmill is the winner. However, that does not mean this is the best choice for every exercise, especially if you are doing heavy squats. Try alternating with one of the best cardio machine for weight loss like an elliptical machine or an exercise bike to reduce joint wear.

The more you know about them, the more options you have for cardio exercise. If you are going to the gym, start to try something new and switch between machines based on how you feel in the body. Hopefully, this new exercise routine will help break the high ground and achieve better and optimal results, and is much more fun for yourself!

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