6 Best Wrist Strengthening Exercises for Strong Grip

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Wrist strengthening exercises can increase the strength of the muscles around your wrist to be more flexible and to avoid injury from repetitive movements. This movement will help reduce pain, restore range of motion after an injury, and strengthen the wrist flexors and extensors. 

If you have a wrist injury and need physical therapy for recovery, usually you will be given the recommendation to do a wrist strengthening exercise to regain a normal hand grip. This simple exercise program you can use to increase and maintain wrist strength using a dumbbell, resistance band, or weightless. Some injuries that can be prevented by strengthening the wrist include Wrist Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Boxer’s Fracture, Colles Fracture, Smith’s Fracture, Lateral Epicondylitis, and Medial Epicondylitis. 

Adjust your own level of ability, and do not be too pushy if your strength is limited. You can do it on the table, or on the wall to reduce the pressure on your wrist. Do it gradually and move within the range that you can because the overtime your strength will increase to do it better. 

Some physical and occupational therapy exercises below are effective for helping to improve the strength of your hands, let us see! 

1. Wrist Extension.

wrist strengthening exercises occupational therapy

How to: Sit in a chair by placing your arms on the table and hanging your wrists at the end of the table. With your palms facing down, hold the dumbbell with a comfortable weight that is painless. Then raise your hands slowly, and keep your arms on the table. When the wrist is in the up position, hold it for two seconds then slowly go back down then repeat ten times in 2 sets.

2. Wrist Flexion.

This movement is useful to strengthen the wrist for Yoga activists who often put pressure on the wrist when doing various poses.

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How to: Turn your arms and face your palms toward the ceiling. Move your wrist up until it is bent and hold for 2 seconds. Then lower back slowly for repetition.

Tips: Exercise the wrist extension and flexion in addition to using a dumbbell, you can use a resistance band by wrapping a resistance band around your palm, and stepping on the other end with your feet.

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4. Wrist Grips.

You need a handgrip device or a tennis ball to do these wrist strengthening exercises. This exercise is also beneficial for volleyball because it requires a strong grip, so it is important to build strong forearm muscles. 

wrist strengthening exercises for tennis

How to: Hold one of these objects then squeeze gently, release and squeeze again up to ten times and repeat with the other hand. For tennis, place your arms on the table while doing this work. 

Tips: Handgrips are available in the market with various resistances for you to squeeze. For starters, use resistance that isn’t too difficult to get used to. Then increase the tension when you do it easily.

3. Wrist Circles.

wrist circle

How to: Stand or sit in a chair with your back straight, and look forward. Spread your arms at shoulder height with your palms clenched. Make sure your whole body doesn’t move except the wrist. Start rotating your wrist as if drawing a circle with a count of ten times, and turn it around afterward.

5. Farmer’s Walk.

This is a popular exercise to increase grip strength quickly which is beneficial for other sports like boxing. You can use a heavy plate, dumbbell, or kettlebell when doing this exercise.

wrist strengthening exercises boxing

How to: Hold a dumbbell or whatever in each hand that can be used for this exercise. Keep your arms at your sides, and don’t shrug your shoulders. Take your feet, and grab hold of the dumbbell. If you are used to it and your body strength increases, use heavier weights and go further.

6. Prayer Stretch.

prayer stretch

How to: Bend your elbows and bring both palms together with each fingertip facing up under your chin. While keeping both palms together, lower your hands toward the waist close to the stomach. When your hands are down, hold for 20 seconds then repeat up to 5 times. This is a simple exercise with light movements that are useful for relaxing the lower arm.

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The Bottom Line.

Doing some work such as writing or typing on the keyboard can make the muscles in your wrists tense. Over time if this is left unchecked, it can cause problems such as tendonitis. To avoid this, do wrist strengthening exercises before and while doing these jobs or before and during exercise to increase flexibility, gradually increase strength, and prevent tension. Having strong wrists will make it easier for your life to do routine activities and weight lifting in the gym.

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