6 Onnit Kettlebell Workout for Build Muscle and Gain Strength

onnit kettlebell workout review

Can the Onnit kettlebell workout help you gain muscle? Is it just swinging the kettlebell to grow muscles? How does it work? Maybe that’s what is on your mind when you hear kettlebell can help gain muscle, and increase your strength. Looks impossible, but Onnit Workout Of The Day does. 

If you observe at the gym or see a weight training video on YouTube, some exercises like Press, Deadlifts, Squat, and Pull with a barbell are common forms of exercise to get large muscle sizes. However, now all these movements can be transitioned into kettlebell exercises.

Kettlebells are considered better than dumbbells because they have sturdy, curved handles that make them more suitable for flow training methods with various fields of motion and are a pleasant partner in building strength while burning fat.

Some double kettlebell exercises below will guide you to pack your muscles and gain more strength than you think.

1. Kettlebell Clean and Press.

Kettlebell clean and press is a dynamic exercise that involves several muscle groups in the body in one motion such as thighs, glutes, quadriceps when squatting, anterior chain, upper back, traps, lats, shoulders, chest, and triceps when pressing, and balancing above the head.

onnit kettlebell workout beginner
Onnit kettlebell workout beginner

This exercise can be used as a form of metabolic conditioning throughout the body because they have a wide range and complexity in movement.

2. Kettlebell Floor Press.

Especially for those of you who have slight shoulder problems, this unique exercise will make your move as low as the floor compared to sitting on a bench. Combining your chest, shoulders, arms and core exercises in one move, makes it a great form of exercise to build better upper body strength.

onnit kettlebell workout pdf
Onnit kettlebell workout pdf

With Kettlebell training, the muscles in the chest will become stronger and function to help stabilize the shoulder joint, which can prevent and reduce injury to the shoulder. Having strong chest muscles is certainly an advantage for you to do things easily.

The good news, your triceps will be trained to become bigger and stronger to reduce the appearance of a weak arm because of the triceps are usually muscles that are often forgotten to train. Also, your core muscles will get attention in this movement because there is a slight contraction in the upper abs.

3. Kettlebell Front Squat.

Are you one of the many people who don’t care to exercise their legs? To make your body more symmetrical, try to do the Onnit kettlebell workout to get stronger and bigger leg muscles.

onnit kettlebell workout reddit
Onnit kettlebell workout Reddit

This is one of the best core and leg strengtheners with simple exercises to get fantastic lower body strength, because kettlebell only needs to hold the weight of the upper body such as shoulders, back, arms, and core. When squatting, you will learn to keep the core muscles active with a strong and neutral spine that requires steady breathing.

4. Kettlebell Turkish Get-up.

turkish get up
Turkish get up

Your core is the center that connects the whole body. If your core is weak, then all your body muscles will be weak too. Therefore, this movement will make your core muscles strong and solid. During training, your body needs stability, shoulder control, and core strength that will allow you to have mobility and flexibility to get bigger challenges, whether beginners or advanced.

5. Kettlebell Bent-over Row.

Compared to dumbbells, kettlebells are designed to weigh under the handle which will create gravity in your hand and is useful for reducing discomfort in the joints of its users. Combined with bent over row exercises, this Kettlebell will build strength in your back muscles, and biceps.

kettlebell bent-over row
Kettlebell bent-over row

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6. Kettlebell Swing.

Based on the review of fitness activists, it can be said this is an extraordinary form of combined kettlebell training that involves strength, flexibility, explosion, and cardio. The movements will hit the lower back, glutes, and back of the thigh.

This can be a good exercise for those of you who have weight loss goals because they will burn a lot of calories by targeting hundreds of muscles in the swing. 

kettlebell swing
Kettlebell swing

Besides, for those of you who are bored with regular cardio exercises, try swinging this Kettlebell without having to move your legs. They will make your heart and lungs work hard because they need a lot of oxygen to support your swing. 

The swing movements of the Onnit kettlebell workout can overload many muscles eccentrically. This will make your body absorb energy from every movement and can develop explosive power through your hips and legs.

For those of you who are focused on building muscle and strength, this is a good exercise. However, it should be noted that eccentric movements can make muscle aches the next day, so do swing in a controlled manner to reduce the effects of pain

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