6 Simple Mini Trampoline Exercises to Sculpt Your Muscles

mini trampoline exercises for adults

Mini trampoline exercises are a good choice for staying fit if you are bored doing exercise in the fitness center. This unique tool helps many people to stay healthy with just simple bouncing exercises in an extraordinary and fun way. The key to this exercise is not how high you jump, but how you can jump in a controlled and precise way to challenge your body’s muscles.

Although it looks simple and easy to do, this exercise provides an extraordinary impact to lose weight, improve balance and keep you healthy and fit if done consistently. Are you a beginner looking for a mini trampoline? Be prepared to jump about 30 minutes to burn 160 calories with this low-impact exercise.

Health Benefits of Trampoline Exercises.

1. Reduce Stress with Fun Exercises.

This exercise tool is not only for kids, but can also be a great exercise tool to be your partner. Do it now to make your heart beat fast, sweat, and be fit with fun. Besides, you can bounce before ending the day to facilitate blood flow throughout the body and help the body release endorphins to make you better and happier.

2. Improve Bone Health and Build Strength.

When jumping around, this exercise will strengthen the skeletal system, strengthen tendons, ligaments, joints, reduce the possibility of arthritis, increase bone mass and help prevent osteoporosis. Unlike other weight-bearing exercises, you can continue to be active because the trampoline has a very low impact, so it is relatively safe for bad knees, cartilage and spine without aggravating its condition.

3. Maintain Body Balance.

One of the best benefits of trampolines is that it helps to improve body balance and coordination, especially for seniors. However, this is not only beneficial for adults or seniors because this exercise is felt to be less effective for an athlete to post sprain ankle rehabilitation, according to research released by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research on a small scale.

4. Good for Heart and Lung Health.

The benefits of this exercise are just as effective when you do aerobics, which is very good for heart and lung health. Trampoline leaps can increase oxygen intake into the body as a result of gravity when your body bounces.

5. For Weight Loss.

According to one study, someone who did trampoline exercises for about an hour was 68% more efficient at weight loss than someone who jogged at the same time. Trampoline exercises do not cause strain on the joints, and allow your breathing to remain comfortable during exercise.

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List of Mini Trampoline Exercises.

Below is a simple exercise that only needs to be reflected for 20 to 30 minutes to get the benefits as above. This movement will give you a brief overview of how to do this exercise.

1. Basic Bounce.

For beginners or someone who wants to stay active on the sidelines of the exercise, this is a basic movement that can be used.

How to: Stand on the trampoline with your knees slightly bent, and placed your hands by your sides. Bend your arms slightly, and keep your elbows beside your body and start jumping up and down.

2. Rotations.

Basically, all movements on a trampoline must use a strong core and make it work, but this exercise will make your abs work more challenging because you will need it to turn sideways.

How to: Stand on the trampoline with a straight, and arms stretched at chest height to make your body balanced. Make sure your core is ready, then start jumping and turning your lower body in the opposite direction from your arm swing. Make sure your head and eyes stay still and look at the object in front of you.

3. Jumping Jack.

By jumping in the air and joining your legs before landing, this is a great move to burn your glutes and thighs. For those of you who have shoulder problems, can skip this exercise.

How to: Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and make sure your core is ready. Then jump in and out by raising your arms. Make sure when you jump to put your legs together before landing and use your inner thighs

4. Trampoline Jogging.

It’s like jogging on a real track but now you do it on the spot without moving forward. During the activity, your hamstrings will work more naturally. To make it safe and comfortable, be sure to keep your core strong and not rotate your knees or legs too deeply or outward because this movement can be more difficult given the unstable contours of the trampoline.

5. High Knees.

Is jogging too easy for you? Use this to make it more challenging and intense. Calves, quads, glutes and lower ab will work hard with this movement.

How to: Its movements are almost the same as trampoline jogging, but with fast leg movements, knees are higher toward the navel, and thighs are parallel to the floor. Swing your hands alternately and keep your shoulders open.

6. Ab Rock.

Divert your attention from jumping to focus on exercises that are truly beneficial for abs.

How to: Lie on your back on your trampoline with both hands behind your head, and bend your knees about 90 degrees. Tighten your core, and then move your body back and forth over your back without pulling your neck.


To get a healthy and fit body in a new way, mini trampoline exercises can be a reference. Now you have an idea of a fun exercise to do with a trampoline. When you have reached a certain strength level, add a little weight to make your training more difficult. The simple exercise above is a good first step to get started, although there are many other exercises on YouTube that you can try

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