7 Best Arm Toning Exercises for Females

arm toning exercises for females beginners

Now it’s time for you to do new routines like arm toning exercises for females to make tight and strong arms. If you think doing this exercise with push-ups, free weights, or without equipment, that’s right. Here, you will add several variations of exercises to work on the biceps, triceps, and shoulders with weights or without weights to tighten your arms.

Are your arms flabby? You don’t like it. Sexy and tight arms? Yes of course, everyone likes it! Every woman has a problem with her appearance no matter she is a young woman, or a woman over 50 or over 60 years old. They want to finish it, whether it’s the abs or the glutes. For some people, the arm is included in this list. Here was a list of the best exercises for getting toned arms and a strong upper back!

Best Arm Toning Workouts for Females.

1. Push-up.

This is a joint exercise of several muscles or joints in your body when doing movements. Push-ups are the best, fast and effective way to soft arms while strengthening the upper body. If you are beginners, your upper body strength is not good, then follow the steps below.

arm toning exercises for females at gym

How to: Kneel on the floor and enter the push-up position. Your back should be straight from the neck down and keep your abs and butts tight. Open your arms shoulder-width apart, then lower your body continuously in a controlled manner until your chest and floor are 1 inch apart.

2. Triceps Overhead.

This exercise trains your triceps, shoulders, and upper back.

arm toning exercises for females with weights

How to: Stand with your feet open and bend your knees slightly, and hold the dumbbell with both hands. Reach your arms above your head and hold the dumbbell vertically. Your wrists must stay straight. Bend your elbows slightly, then lower the dumbbell behind your head. Aim and straighten your arms up in a controlled and slow motion. Repeat the movement to complete 12 reps in 3 sets.

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3. Bicep Curls.

This arm toning exercises for females is quite familiar and useful for strengthening the front of your arm. Besides, many videos on YouTube that you can learn.

bicep curls

How to: Hold the dumbbell and start with your arms positioned at your sides. Hug the elbow toward the side of the body, then curl the weight towards the shoulder. Don’t let your arms swing. Do this exercise 10 times, and complete it in 3 sets.

4. Triceps Kickback.

How to: Hold your dumbbell in each hand, or one first. Bend forward from your hips and keep your back straight and chest high. Your neck should be leveled with your back. So, you can look at the floor a little ahead. Bend your elbows, and keep your upper arms at your sides.

triceps kickback

Straighten your arms back and press the triceps muscle for a moment before returning to the starting position slowly and in control. Do each side with 12 reps in 3 sets of exercises.

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5. Triceps Dips.

arm toning exercises for females at home

How to: Sit on the edge of a sturdy bench, then bend your knees 90 degrees and place your feet on the floor. Hold the bench, and your hands are on the sides of your hips. Push the glutes off the bench and lower body three inches down, bend your elbows (keep your elbows close together). Then lift the body back to the starting position and do 8-12 reps.

6. Dumbbell Fly.

dumbbell fly

How to: Hold the dumbbells in both hands, and step your left foot forward. Bend your knees slightly and keep your back straight, belly tight and your bodyweight slightly forward. Roll your shoulders back and down, and extend your arms down toward the floor, and your hands and dumbbells are aligned below the shoulders. Gently raise your arms to the side of your body, point your palms down and bend your elbows slightly. Perform this exercise in 3 sets of 12 reps.

7. Dumbbell Shoulder Press.

dumbbell shoulder press

How to: Start by sitting on a bench or standing up while holding dumbbells in both hands with your palms facing forward. Strengthen the abs then lift the dumbbell towards shoulder while maintaining a straight and neutral backbone. Push the dumbbell over your head and bring the dumbbell down until your elbows form a 90-degree angle with the same speed and regular and controlled movements.

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Arm toning exercises for females can help you to increase your upper body strength while tightening your arms. This is the best way you can do at the gym or at home to be slim, tight, and strong at the same time. Use your weight, or you can do a combination with bands or dumbbells to get a lot of variety. Keep in mind when using a dumbbell, a good starting point is to use 10 pounds.

Choose a combination of at least eight different arm exercises that target the various muscle groups of your body. Complete in 8 to 12 reps, with 2 or 3 sets of each exercise. Remember, Good form and control are the most important things. Lift heavier weights only when you are strong enough to avoid injury.

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