7 Best Trx Band Workouts to Increase Strength and Flexibility

trx band workout routines

Trx band workouts offer you one of the most efficient full-body exercises, no matter how experienced you are, even for beginners in the world of fitness, most people want to build muscle while burning fat. Fortunately, that goal can certainly be achieved for any level of experience using the Trx band. This is one of the most versatile tools – and you can carry it anywhere, and it provides many choices for weight exercise and helps you achieve extraordinary results. 

Suspension exercise with Trx bands about every single muscle group you do on the machine or with free weights, plus you has to balance which uses more stabilizers and more of your core muscles. Trx exercise will feel different and challenging, even if you lift weights all the time. 

What are Trx Band Workouts? 

This type of exercise was created by the former US Navy SEAL, Trx is short for total endurance exercises that turn each exercise into a challenge for your core muscles by using two simple resources namely gravity and weight. 

What to do be anchor the Trx band to a safe place (think of a sturdy tool, door frame, or bar). You will use your feet or hands to hold the band, depending on the type of exercise. Generally, parts of your body will be suspended on the floor. You might also move away from the band or lean inward to create resistance and destabilization. 

Maybe some of you have seen some videos about how Trx band works, and what forms of practice are suitable. In this article, I will discuss any exercises that will reach your entire body, which naturally challenges your muscles in a new way. 

Before starting to exercise, always remember to test your Trx system by pulling it.

1. Low Row.

trx band workout

To begin, bend your elbows at a 90-degree position then hold on the rib cage and straighten your body. Straighten your arms slowly to lower your body, your body must be maintained in a straight line from head to foot, and return to the starting position by bending the elbows. Do this in 3 sets with 8-10 reps.  

2. Push-ups.

This exercise is useful for building strength in your chest and triceps with extra isolation in the abdomen.

trx band workouts for arms

How to: Start with a high board, open and keep your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width with a band in front of your arms. Keep your hands light on the handles to move energy from your arms to your chest. Bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle, then slowly lower your body to the floor. Push back up through your chest, being careful not to fall on your lower back and keep your core tight.

3. Triceps Press.

This exercise is one form of Trx band workouts that is useful for isolating your triceps while adding strength and stability to the core.

triceps press

How to: Anchor the band over your head. Hold the band then stand up and face away from the anchor. Then take a few steps forward to create tension on the band. Lean your body slightly forward. Point your elbows forward. Tighten the core while exhaling and straighten your arms. Make sure your upper arms don’t move during exercise. Inhale, then repeats the movement with repetition that you can. 

4. Squat.

Squat exercises are very important to make the lower body stronger. Therefore, you can combine squats with Trx to increase stability and support. The goal of this exercise is for arms (especially your biceps), abs, quadriceps, glutes, and your hamstrings. 


How to: Standing facing the anchor point, hold the two handles in front of your waist with your elbows bent at your sides. Lower into a squat, then extend your arms in front of you at eye level. Push your body then return to the starting position. 

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5. Hamstring Curl.

This step helps your glutes, integrated throughout the entire body for the hamstrings, and butts.

hamstring curl

How to: Adjust the band to the middle calf position and sit on the floor facing the anchor point. Then place the two heels on the foot stand and roll it to your back. Position your legs stretched and just below the anchor point. Lift your hips off the floor, push your heels down and pull your heels toward your hips. Then return early to start again.

6. Lunge.

Position the band in the middle of the calf, then stand facing away from the anchor and place your back foot suspended in both feet under the anchor point.


How to: Lower to the lunge, and keep your body high with both knees at 90-degrees. Drive back by pushing through your front heel and be careful not to jump forward.

7. Pike.

Adjust the band to the middle calf, kneeling facing away from the anchor point with both feet in the foot, and placing your hands under your shoulders.

trx band workouts for beginners

How to: Lift your knees from the floor to the plank position and lift your hips, and keep your legs straight. Lower your body and return to the board position and make sure you push your feet with the same pressure.


It’s time to throw the dumbbell and the kettlebell for a moment and forget about the big weight training machine. Well, maybe not permanently, but at least it’s been long enough to add a new plan to your workout routine with this great tool.

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