8 Best Resistance Band Leg Workouts at Home

resistance band leg workouts for speed

Resistance band leg workouts will take your exercise level to a better stage. Because it’s not only free, but you can also do it yourself without anyone’s help. And, you don’t need to come to the gym. With affordable prices that vary, they are the perfect solution for saving your weight exercise costs.

One of the advantages of using resistance bands is that they won’t sacrifice your joints as differently as when using a machine or free weight for bodybuilding. This will help you get quality leg muscles.

To improve the stability and balance of the body that might be missed when you do a leg workout with weights. Use a resistance band to train each muscle in your lower body with 8 great exercises below.

Best Resistance Band Leg Workout.

1. Squats.

With this movement, you will feel the tension in your quadriceps, and the surrounding muscle groups during down and up movements that are beneficial for mass.

resistance band leg workout for mass
  • Stand with your feet on the band and shoulder-width apart.
  • Squat and reach the grip of the band with your palm facing forward.
  • Pull your shoulder-high with the band behind your hands.
  • Slowly and controlled, stand by keeping your back, chest, and vision straight.
  • Return in the starting position for one repetition.

2. Single-Leg Stand.

single-leg stand
  • Position the band above the knee. Next, sitting down in a chair with the right height when the knee is bent 90 degrees.
  • Then stand on one strong leg straight and lift one of the other feet off the floor.
  • Gently return to the starting position to repeat by not sitting fully in the chair.
  • When standing, keep your knees parallel to your feet so the band is pushed out to provide resistance.

This movement involves the Gluteus Medius to train knee stability and is useful for strengthening the front of the thigh and Gluteus Maximus.

3. Glute Bridge.

glute bridge
  • Lie on your knees with your knees bent and your feet planted on the floor.
  • Position the band above your pelvis and press each side with your hands beside your body.
  • Press your ab and glutes then push your hips up with your heels flat on the floor.
  • Hold in the top position for one second then lower it back to the starting position slowly and repeat 15 reps in 3 sets of exercises.

4. Donkey Kicks.

This resistance band leg workouts will be challenging by providing resistance when stretched. Which will do your glute, and get a lot of resistance in each repetition.

resistance band leg workouts for beginners
  • Tie the end of the band to one end of your foot and the other end placed on a sturdy object at the bottom. Or wrap it around each of your hands.
  • Get into a position like a push-up but with both knees as a support on the floor.
  • Push one leg that is bound to the back in a controlled manner until straight. Then return to the starting position slowly.

5. Lying Leg Extensions.

  • Lie on your legs straightened first.
  • Bend your arms while holding the band in each hand then wrap the band around one foot, and remember to be careful.
  • Hold your elbows hold the push of one of the legs tied by a band.
  • Make sure your hips are raised slightly off the floor and the legs extend straight.
  • Return to the beginning slowly with 15 reps in 3 sets on each side.
lying leg extensions

Especially for beginners before doing this move, please be careful and make sure the band is sturdy when wrapped around the soles of your feet avoid whipping when slipping. If necessary, watch the practice video first on YouTube. 

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6. Deadlift with Resistance Bands.

  • Place the band on the floor. Then step on it with your leg, with each hand holding the end of the band.
  • Bend your knees slightly, then pull the band upwards which simultaneously pushes the hips forward by keeping the back straight and ab tight.
  • Hold a moment, then go down using glutes to return to the beginning.

7. Broad Jump.

  • Anchor the band on a sturdy object, and then wrap it around your hips on the other side.
  • Give your body distance to get tension on the band.
  • Take a standing position and get ready to jump.
  • Use a hand swing and explode as far forward as possible.
broad jump

This move is known to be useful for those of you who like basketball. It requires quick movements, explosions, and the ability to jump like in a broad jump. 

8. Clamshells.

  • With a band wrapped around your feet at knee height, lie on your side with one elbow of your hand supporting your upper body with your hips stacked and your knees bent.
  • Place your other hand behind your head. Then lift your hips and engage the core then press the knee of the upper side toward the ceiling.
  • Lower down in a controlled manner to repeat with 12 reps each side.
resistance band thigh workouts

Make sure your hips are stacked and perpendicular to the floor during the workout. If your hips tilt backward, you need a little resistance because you are doing too many reps.


Good resistance band leg workouts are when you can finish repetition about 15 times. When you can do more than that, raise the level to the next stage to get extra challenges. With strong legs, it is certainly very useful for your various activities such as supporting weight training, or for speed especially those of you who like to run.

Now, there is no need to worry about distractions that make you not sweat in the gym because this exercise will strengthen your leg muscles at home in a way that is easy to follow.

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