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80 day obsession reviews amazon

80 Day Obsession reviews, that’s what we will discuss today. They are a program from Beachbody On Demand that focuses on exercise and eating right. This will make you build new habits to improve your total health and physical fitness in 13 weeks. This is a program with 6 days a week of strength and cardio training activities for people at intermediate and advanced fitness levels. So are you ready to accept an offer from Beachbody to challenge yourself?

What is the 80 Day Obsession?

If you are a person who has basic fitness and wants to improve your results. 80 Day Obsession is a good choice for weight control and improving your overall health. This program was created by the popular trainer from Beachbody, Autumn Calabrese.

By involving 80 daily exercise videos for 13 weeks combined with healthy eating habits, you will change your entire body to get a slim stomach, tight booty, and make you stronger every day. Also, you will exercise effectively and without spending a lot of time because the average video duration of 45 to 60 minutes can be practiced wherever you have an internet network.

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What’s the 80 Day Obsession Exercise & Meal Plan Like?

#1 Workouts.

In an exercise program that lasts for 13 weeks, they divide it into 3 phases. Each is carried out for 4 weeks. In the first phase, you will learn to build balance and basic strengths. Then, you will move forward in the second phase to learn more complex movements to gain muscle mass. To get optimal results in the last phase, you will begin to handle the movement for strength to get shredded. In this last week, you will see and get the results of your hard work, it’s the peak week.

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Some of the equipment that you use to complete this program every day includes a Yoga mat, a fitness slider, a resistance band, and a set of dumbbells that are light, medium, and heavy. Every day will focus on different parts using new exercises. Such as total body core, booty, cardio core, AAA aka Arms, Abs, Ass, and Legs.

#2 Meal Plan.

They use color-coded containers that you can buy on the Beachbody website for various macronutrients such as carbs, proteins, and fats. In addition, they have an eating plan called ‘timed nutrition’ that allows you to eat certain foods at certain times of the day.

To avoid starvation or overeating, you are advised to eat every 3 hours or more. To have a balanced nutritional ratio especially for active people, the Calabrese eating plan will include 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat.

User Experience.

Based on a user review when you start the program on the first day and start sweating, each video will begin with an introduction from Autumn Calabrese. Also, at the beginning of the exercise, there is an unofficial time where everyone warms up aerobically. Then you will start to enter the training without any music. In this case, you need to synchronize your Spotify account with playlists designed for each class type. Next, you will switch quickly from warming up to training using weights and resistance bands.

Throughout the movement, Calabrese went around to encourage and improve the form of participants consisting of 6 people. To keep your core muscles active throughout the workout, you’ll switch from floor exercises to light cardio exercises with gentle intensity. Even though you’ll end up tired and sweating, 1 hour of training is easy to complete.

80 Day Obsession Reviews Without Meal Plan.

Once again, based on user reviews on Reddit who don’t follow meal plans., they can still get results on the 80 Day Obsession. But by maintaining only healthy foods, not really healthy ones. They found that the abdomen, arms, thighs were much firmer than before, and endurance increased rapidly. But if you want maximum results and be impressed with yourself after 80 days, follow the nutrition.

80 day obsession reviews without meal plan

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Can Beginners do 80 Day Obsession?

Calabrese suggested that this program was made for intermediate to advanced levels. If you have tried 21 Day Fix, you will be familiar with some of the movements of 80 Day Obsession because it’s more advanced. Besides, they have a program that is basically a concise version of 80 Day Obsession, a Little Obsessed.

If you aren’t ready and it’s too difficult with 80 Day Obsessions. Then with only 30 minutes a day a week, you will feel like you’re doing 80 Day Obsessions. So, if you are just starting to exercise, it’s recommended to start an easier program such as 21 Day Fix. If you graduate from there, you’re ready for the next level.

For beginners, you must be careful and avoid the most common mistakes in the beginning exercise routine.

What are the Benefits of 80 Day Obsession?

Through a combination of healthy eating habits and unique exercise, they promise to bring you into full fitness.

#1 Exercising at Home.

Even though you still need a few sets of dumbbells and resistance bands, when compared to a busy gym, doing it at home is certainly much more comfortable. This makes your workout private without having to worry about bad weather or traffic jams to the fitness center.

#2 Everything Has Been Determined.

When it comes to dieting, the first thing that many people usually ask is to find out what foods to eat and how many portions. Of course, this can be very troublesome and tiring. Therefore 80 Days Obsession makes you don’t need to count and plan because every detail has been found and determined for you.

#3 Maximum Results Without Excessive Injury.

The combination of cardio training, high-intensity, and strength training will make progress without overdoing it and resulting in long term fitness. Besides, variations in exercise can prevent you from getting bored if you do the same thing every day.

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Cons of 80 Day Obsession.

Based on user reviews, they have the following cons:

#1 Joint Problems.

If you have joint problems, you should consult with your doctor before starting this program because some movements feel a bit hard on the joints.

#2 Not for Beginners.

For beginners who don’t yet have a fitness base, it will be safer if you start with 21 Day Fix or the equivalent. Because if you want to plunge into an 80-Day Obsession, you really need to have a strong foundation.

#3 Obsession.

‘Obsession’ may make some people feel pressure because according to health conditions, obsessions can cause imbalances both physical and emotional.

80 Day Obsession Subscription Price.

Because 80 Days Obsession is a member of Beachbody, you need to subscribe to a Beachbody On Demand membership. The cost option is available in 3 options. First, $39 for three months with a free trial for 14 days. Then, $59 for 6 months, and $99 for 1 year, each with a free trial for 30 days. This will give you access to other platform libraries such as PiYO, LIIFT 4, and others. All of these subscription options will automatically be extended unless you cancel.

Besides, you can buy a package of equipment used for training with this program. With a basic package worth $ 60 plus shipping, this includes 9 and 12-inch resistance bands, a fitness slider, a portion control container for healthy eating, a calendar, and a program guide.

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With a variety of movements and fitness techniques for a full-body workout plus good reviews from users, you will find many things to be loved with this 80 Day Obsession. In the first few minutes, you are likely to sweat immediately. Women will like it to sculpt the lower body, while men may need several sets of heavy dumbbells to work on the upper body. So this is a great way to get an intense daily exercise plan and proper nutrition plan for results within 80 days.

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