Beachbody Pre Workout Energize Reviews

beachbody pre workout while nursing

Whatever your fitness goals, your exercise will be more complete and effective if balanced with a healthy diet combined with supplements from Beachbody pre-workout. Beachbody Performance Energize is a pre-workout supplement drink. They will increase your endurance and focus during exercise when you need that extra energy.


Beachbody Performance Energize is one of the Beachbody product lines besides they have many exercise videos and various other fitness products. As I said, this is a pre-workout supplement consisting of beta-alanine, caffeine, and quercetin that will help increase your energy, focus, and performance during exercise. Combining your workouts with this supplement will get the job done, it’s a great combination. Energize will give you a big energy boost to get through your toughest workouts.

Like many other pre-workout products, they get positive and negative comments from users. Most of them are happy with products that give them extra energy during workouts. Reportedly, they can train for more than an hour of cardio and lift weights when compared to other products that only tickle with minimal energy.

Even among users who are pregnant and breastfeeding, they take ¼ scoops, and can still push during exercise. However, if you want to use this product while breastfeeding or pregnant, you should first consult with your doctor because this article doesn’t recommend you to consume it.

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Beachbody Pre Workout Ingredients.

In one scoop of Energize, there are 15 calories, which do not contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Additionally, there is a 100 mg of caffeine content, 800 mg beta-alanine, and 500 mg quercetin. There are also some minerals such as calcium (0.5% of RDI), 5% magnesium, 6% sodium, and 1% potassium. Some other compositions such as beet sugar, stevia, anti-caking silica, and citric acid which are natural flavorings.

If you weigh less than 160 lbs, it’s advisable to consume one spoon with eight ounces of water. For those of you who weigh more than 160 lbs, mix two measuring spoons into 16 ounces (0.47 liters) of drinking water and consume it 30 minutes before you go to exercise.

beachbody pre workout ingredients

Avoid consuming it more than twice a day. If you are sensitive to caffeine, reduce the amount to one scoop.

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The Benefits.

Some of the benefits of Beachbody Performance Energize pre-workout besides increasing energy and endurance are increasing performance, sharpening focus, increasing alertness, increasing muscle strength, and even delaying fatigue. With flavors such as lemon and fruit punch, they have extraordinary benefits that can be obtained from several compositions.

Beta-alanine helps improve performance and delay muscle fatigue after exercise. Meanwhile, the caffeine derived from green tea is beneficial for enhancing performance, increasing alertness and focus, and can even give you a mental and physical boost. The third composition can increase your durability and performance which comes from quercetin.

Does Beachbody Pre-Workout Work?

Overall and judging by the composition, it’s not the best. It contains only three component ingredients that don’t have sufficient dosages to provide an explosive effect. However, even though it has a simple formula, it’s sufficient if you want to go one level of exercise, or you are a fan of the Beachbody. Besides, it could be said to be successful at generating energy, but it wasn’t enough. You may want to add a cup of coffee for a little extra energy.

Does it Have Side Effects?

With a slightly smaller dose of beta-alanine, you are less likely to feel itchy. Even if you feel it, it’s not dangerous. Apart from that, caffeine is also the standard dosage. So, overall these negative effects are minimal and not dupe.

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This supplement delivers a blend of essential nutrients that empower energy in no time. It’s been shown to increase muscle output, provide a safe energy boost, improve focus, and delay fatigue from challenging workouts. In addition, all the ingredients in this product have been tested for safety and effectiveness in helping to maximize your workout.

Last but not least, I hope you know all the information regarding this product before buying it. This may not be suitable for those of you who understand the standard composition of supplements.

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