Best 9 Cheap Workout Equipment For Home

cheap exercise equipment

Exercising at home with cheap workout equipment is better, and just as effective when you are looking for sweat in a crowded gym. With a size that is not large and easily stored, this fitness equipment can help you be more fit and healthy.

Now you may not come too often to the fitness center because with even a small budget, you can do comfortable exercises at home without having to have an expensive gym membership. There isn’t much reason to be fit, because what is needed now is a commitment to do it.

Below is exercise equipment at affordable prices based on user reviews that can be viewed on the Reddit forum to lose weight and body sculpting simultaneously.

1. Resistance Band.

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This is a portable, lightweight, flexible, and easy to store the tool when you have a limited budget. Various forms of exercise you can use with this resistance band such as biceps curl or lateral slides, and full-body exercise for home. With prices ranging from $30 with various shapes and sizes, you will get a tool that is easy to carry anywhere.

2. Kettlebell and Dumbbell.

Dumbbell is the exercise equipment that you see most often in gyms around the world, this is a staple. When used properly, you can build muscle and strength with this tool. With affordable prices based on specific brands and weight, they are the best idea for understanding muscles at home.

No difference from a dumbbell, a kettlebell is a bell-shaped fitness with a handle at the top that will make your body adjust to the pull of gravity when you lift and swing. With prices varying around $3 per 0.5 kg, you can start with a weight in the range of 5 to 15 kg.

3. Jump Rope.

cheap workout equipment for home

Want to lose weight fast and want to get great cardiovascular exercise? Jump rope is the answer. This is one of the greatest cardio equipment that offers attractive and effective exercises with prices ranging from $20.

4. Medicine Ball.

They have the size of a soccer ball or basketball but weighs between 0.5 to 15 kg. Generally the medicine ball is used in ab exercises to build strength and balance in the upper body. With prices ranging from $20 to $45, start weighing 2 to 4 kg to blow up your strength.

5. Hand Grips.

Simple equipment at a cheap price, but very useful because this hand grip will help increase the strength of your grip which is beneficial for endurance and prevent injury from training activities that require heavy loads.

6. Yoga Mat.

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Want to relax, stretch a stiff body, or just want to do push-ups or ab exercises in a comfortable place? Yoga mats are the right way for everyone because they will provide support and comfort during your training session. At a cost of around $40 for high-quality mattresses, or find wholesale prices to get more affordable.

7. Ab Roller.

Tired of doing regular sit-ups? Try this cheap workout equipment. They are a great tool even when you exercise while watching TV. With a price of around $17 which is equipped with knee pads for added comfort, the ab roller will tear your core.

8. Pull-up Bar.

It does not require difficult assembly, a pull-up bar is a simple tool for getting a strong back because just by attaching it to the door frame at home, you will be ready to train your upper body. With prices ranging from $50 to $100, this is fitness equipment that will make you have a greater range of motion.

9. Treadmill.

Treadmills usually have a high price because this is top-class sports equipment. But you can still have it at a cheap price if you are willing to buy a used treadmill. If you want to buy a used treadmill, search the internet by adding words near me and for sale if you want to search around where you dwell.

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Before deciding to buy, ask the seller what the deficiencies are and what the reasons are for sale. Then carefully and pay attention to whether this equipment is still suitable for use.

The Bottom Line.

What you need now is motivation and consistency to achieve your goals. Even when you have all the sophisticated equipment, it’s useless if you lack motivation and don’t have the commitment to change. The gym at home is not always about large and expensive equipment, because only with cheap workout equipment you still get extraordinary training to shape the body and become fit. Now is the time to save money and spend your days with this simple tool to be a better person than the previous day.

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