Best Bodybuilding Exercises at Home Without Equipment for Great Gains

bodybuilding exercises at home without equipment

Welcome back guys, today I’ve got a few and absolutely bodybuilding exercises at home without equipment required bodyweight-only mass building, muscle building home workout we’re hitting the entire body here. I’m going to go through the first round with you in this portion of the article right now.

How Can I do Body Building at Home Without Equipment?

If you want to push yourself try and read the article a total two to even three times and then by the time you’re done, you’re going to have gotten a total body muscle-building workout. Well completed! You should let me know down in the comments how far you were able to get. Let’s get into this one!

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Best Bodybuilding Exercises at Home Without Equipment.

1. Bodybuilding Exercises at Home with Push-up.

The first exercise is doing here is it push-up, but this is a very unique and modified push-up.

bodybuilding workout at home without equipment
Modified push-up

How to: So you’re going to get yourself in a position here and shoulder-width apart. You’re gonna come down through 3 seconds. Bringing that chest to the ground as soon as you come to the ground because explosive please hand out. Test this crap and explosively up. We got 10 total repetitions. Making sure to keep those hands. Shoulder-width apart, elbows nice, and tight to the torso. Chest touch around each repetition there as explosively as you can. Squeeze that chest if your tummy press-up.

2. Shoulder Push-up.

All right, next we got another alteration of the push-up here. This is going to be the target of the shoulders.

bodybuilding workout at home without equipment pdf
Shoulder push-up

How to: Back into the regular push-up position. You’re going to come up about a foot, maybe about half of the foot and you’re gonna be in this B position. What we’re doing here is coming down, head touches the ground and pressing up. We got a total up again 10 repetitions for hit shoulders or hit the triceps.

3. Alternating Arm/Leg Lift Planks.

Make sure you got here raised plank. Keep getting up, we need to stay in the position.

alternating arm leg lift planks
Alternating arm leg lift planks

How to: So, you’re getting yourself into a breeze plank here and we’re doing alterations. Left leg and right arm, right arm, and left leg. You’re gonna hold it for a second-up at the top there. Try and keep that core nice and tight, so you can keep your body balance there. We’ve got 6 repetitions on each leg.

This looks really gonna hit pretty much the entire posterior chain and a lot of that cores. 12 total repetitions, start with that left arm and right leg. Holding it there for a second and trying to keep that balance.

4. Bodybuilding Exercises at Home with Lunge Jumps.

Next to the lower body, we’re doing lunges that we’re doing on with the jump.

lunge jumps workout
Lunge jumps

How to: So, you start with your feet staggered, you’re gonna jump, bring that knee nice and down, nice and low. Don’t let it slam on the ground and then alternate. That’s once extremely tough with legs and you’ll really be able to build some mass of these. 6 reps on each leg, 12x repetitions, start with those feet staggered. Incorporating those hands, so you can help yourself gain some balance.

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5. Single-Leg Glute Bridges.

Next, we got the single leg glute bridges.

single-leg glute bridges
Single-leg glute bridges

How to: Coming down here, facing upwards and we’ll start with the right leg first. This will start at the left here too. Planting left foot into the ground, and your right legs pulleys straight. What you are doing here is driving with your TL through your heel. Bring your hips up and squeeze the glute of the leg that has driven into the ground. So, for your left foot is a place on the ground, they’re gonna bring your hips up and squeezing that left glute. We’re gonna total of 6 reps where you can get six reps on the first leg and then switch get 6 reps on the other leg here.

6. Pendulum Legs.

For our last exercise, we’ve got the pendulum legs. This one here is to totally obliterate those abdominals.

pendulum workouts
Pendulum exercises

How to: So, can be lying completely down here again and we can do is you can bring your feet up, you’re alternating from one side. Just tap the floor and then coming right back up, nice and slow and under control. We’re not looking for speeder repetitions but we’re looking for control. 5 to the left and then 5 on the rep, or on the right there finish off this set.

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The Takeaway.

You could push the bodybuilding exercises at home without equipment if you want to push it yourself and really get a killer workout from this. Go ahead and read this article two to three total times and be sure to let me know down below in the comments how far you were able to get.

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