Best Butt Exercises Using Gym Machines for Glutes

gym machines for glutes and legs

If any of you want a gym machines for glutes that will make your glutes bigger, you don’t need to bother looking for them anywhere other than a fully equipped gym. Nowadays, the definition of beauty has changed a lot, to emphasize that the back is beautiful for men or women. The fitness center has responded to all of that by inserting a series of machines so, you get good glutes.

This is the biggest muscle in your body, but for some reason, people want it to be bigger. That’s because glutes help a lot in lifts like squats or deadlifts. Glutes has three main jobs, and has responsibility for the hip, hip abduction, and external rotation of the hip. To train and develop glute, you might need help from a machine in the gym.

There are some equipment available at the gym which can certainly be used to shape, and lift butt. Certain machines are specifically designed to target the butt, while others use the surrounding muscles. Always remember to use enough resistance, and involve the butt muscles by contracting and training it.

Your glutes exercise uses some common equipment that you can find in the gym. Among these tools, there is no such thing as the best, it’s because basically the exercise machines that you use regularly and precisely will make your glutes bigger.

1. Leg Press.

Leg press is well-known to be used on the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. The technique for shifting focus to glutes is universal, although many versions of leg press are found.

workout machine for glutes

How to: Sit on the machine with your feet placed on the platform and your hips against the backrest. Check your knees and legs to make sure they are pointing in the same direction, and your knees are slightly bent. Press your feet gently to keep the footrests away. When lowering the platform, do it in a controlled motion, up to 90 degrees on your knee.

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2. Hip Extension Machine.

Extension machines exist in sharing layouts such as positions for standing, bending over hips or even lying down. In general, the basic procedures are the same.

exercise machines for glutes

How to: Position the body on the machine and place the foot behind the knee. Fasten the machine belt, if there is around the hips. Make sure it covers the hip bones because this helps to anchor your hips. Straighten the legs on the hips, by pressing the resistance of the foot roll. Return to the starting position by gently bending the hips and completing the repetition.

3. Hip Abduction Machine.

It is the only machine in the list of gym machines for glutes that is used by pushing the foot to the side. This is a tool widely used by the coaches, and their athletes to help train glutes on heavy lifts.

hip abduction machine

How to: Sit on the hip abductor machine and hold the handle. Starting from the waist to the top must be silent when the legs do the exercise. Open your legs by pressing the pads with your thighs while moving away from the middle. Lower your legs gently and don’t drop them.

4. Cable Hip Extension.

cable hip extension

How to: Take the cable tied to your ankle, then align the leg that is tied with the cable. Lean your body slightly forward at a 45-degree angle. Begin the movement by bending your knees, and continue by swinging it as far as possible. Maintain your reps between 12 and 20 and use weights that you can lift.

5. Cable Hip Abduction.

cable hip abduction

How to: Begin by tying the cuff to the right ankle. Stand with the left side facing the machine, and make sure the cable crosses right in front of your left foot. Leave a great distance from the machine to feel the resistance in the cable. If you need balance, hold onto something like a bench, or sturdy equipment.

Tighten your stomach to stabilize your body, then swing your right leg to the side away from you. Don’t throw a leg to make it far away because it is a relatively small movement. When returning to the beginning, the movement must be slow and controlled.

The movement in this exercise is to shift the emphasis on gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Both functions to help stabilize your pelvis and keep your feet away from your midline.

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For beginners, when first using the gym machines for glutes, start with minimum weight. Then add weight gradually as you begin to increase properly and develop in this program. Smart and consistent practice will keep you on the right track. We hope you find some equipment that meets your needs, and we wish you much success in your fitness goals.

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