Best Fat Burning Workouts for Women, Here’s the Secret

best fat burning exercise for belly

Are you one of the many women who have tried and failed many times? Do you feel confused and feel hopeless? Is there a secret to success for real fat loss? The answer is yes! This is a secret of best fat burning workouts for women that will keep your fitness and health in the best condition. A hope that will make life more energetic, more natural, and can be owned by anyone.

This is a way, and not magic. You need hard work, patience, discipline, and consistency to achieve it. So the formula is to make a decision and then choose food. Next, you move and recovery ends. The principle does not only apply for females but also applies to males.

Best Fat Burning Workout Plan With Cardiovascular Techniques.

Use variations when it comes to cardiovascular conditioning because this is the key to burning fat. The following are the secret methods of burning fat.

best fat burning exercises for stomach

#1 Vary Your Cardio.

Activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, kickboxing, or aerobics can be chosen as variations and challenges of cardiovascular training. With various activities, this will maintain your pleasure and avoid boredom. Plus, it’s useful to avoid overtraining and prevent injury.

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#2 Combining Multiple Cardio Techniques.

In addition to varying the type of exercise, you can vary the intensity and force of the collision with different techniques. In this way, your body will be challenged to be more efficient in various intensities or changes. This is a way to force your body to adapt, move forward, and make improvements.

#3 Plan Your Training in Phase.

To maintain fitness and prevent injury, set your training in phase. For example, for the first 2 weeks do exercise for 45 minutes with low intensity. Then continue training with high intensity for 20 minutes in the next 2 weeks. Then do moderate walking for 30 minutes the following week. The following exercises you can do for 2 to 3 times a week to avoid excessive exercise.

#4 Circuit Training.

To optimize the best fat burning workouts for women, you can do strength training accompanied by a short cardio session. This method is intended to make your circuit training more lively and not boring. So you can last longer. Do leg press, pulldown, and ab crunch exercises then follow the stationary bicycle for a few minutes. This combination is an efficient calorie burner while reducing fat and increasing muscle strength.

#5 Exercise in the morning.

Compared to exercise in the afternoon or evening, morning exercise tends to make you more consistent. If you do the exercises on a late day, your chances of skipping exercise will increase due to fatigue or sudden disturbances. Also exercising at night might not have a good impact on the body’s natural hormone release.

#6 Eat Before Exercising.

To burn fat, you need to eat. At least eat 5 to 6 small portions and don’t leave an empty stomach because it will limit your best efforts. Eat small portions before exercising so that your blood sugar rises then give it a break of about 30 minutes before moving. This is the right time to regulate your blood glucose by exercising. It’s important to eat balanced nutritious foods to increase energy so that your exercise is more intense.

#7 Give Your Best.

Do your best as you progress in each phase except during the recovery session. When you do walking, increase your speed so that you graduate from the basic level. If you do it with a speed and intensity that tends to be flat, the results will not be seen. So push your abilities beyond what you are used to doing now to change your body.

The Most Important Technique of Best Fat Burning Workouts for Women.

best fat burning workouts for belly

Below is a description of cardiovascular training techniques for maximum fat burning.

#1 Warm-Up and Cool Down.

Warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes to get the target heart rate for cardio training and increase blood flow to the muscles. Then, before ending the session and resting, cool down for a few minutes until your heart rate is in the low range.

#2 Continuous Training and Interval Training.

Continuous training can build your aerobic base because for the duration of the session, you will continue to work and keep it within your targeted heart rate range. No less great, interval training that combines high-intensity and interspersed with low intensity for recovery in the same exercise. HIIT will burn more calories and increase your cardiovascular efficiency in the process.

#3 Cross-Training.

This is a form of exercise to prevent boredom and challenge your body to move forward. This meditator blends several aerobic activities with varying intensities. For example, you bike for 10 minutes on the road. Then walk and run for 15 minutes. Furthermore, it is closed with a static cycling activity for 15 minutes. Or you can combine some gym equipment like this as a different activity in that session.

#4 Fartlek Training.

In Swedish terms, this means speed play. It’s almost the same as HIIT but there is no measurement about distance or time because it’s about your body’s feelings. If you feel energetic, increase speed. If you feel tired, reduce the intensity. In this way, you can experiment with your endurance and speed.

To keep you on a regimen throughout the year, you can add periodic exercises that include several different exercises each season such as using a treadmill in winter or going swimming in summer for example.

The Best Fat Burning Workouts with Strength Training Techniques.

If your main goal is to build bigger and stronger muscles, strength training should take precedence over cardio. Conversely, if you really focus on losing weight and want to burn fatter, you can prioritize cardio first.

best fat burning workouts for beginners

However, that does not mean muscle strength training will not burn fat. Both will still cut body fat, but indeed in a different way and speed. Below is a variation of strength training that will challenge your muscles and help you achieve a high fitness level.

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#1 One and One-Half Range of Motion.

This is the full range of motion followed by half the range of motion. When you do squat exercises, start by standing shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself by bending your knees 90-degrees. Next, go up halfway and use a little resistance. Then back down to a 90-degree angle. This is one repetition.

#2 Range of Motion 21s.

Have you heard of 21? This is a popular method used by many bodybuilders to stimulate the new growth of their muscles. This method is divided into 3 parts, namely 7 reps at the top of the movement, 7 reps at the bottom, and 7 full reps to get 21 reps. This method will strengthen the weak muscles and force them to work longer.

For example, if you want to train your biceps. In 7 reps, curl the dumbbell at the top of the middle range towards the shoulder. Then, bring the dumbbell from the hip span towards the middle with 7 reps. Finally, 7 reps for full movement from the hip level towards the shoulder.

#3 Superslow Strength Training.

This is a strength training technique where you lift and lose weight slowly and smoothly. So that your muscles do all the work, lift weights for 4 seconds then decrease for 6 seconds. Then do it without resting until your muscles fail to lift for a moment. You can reduce the resistance by about 20% if you can’t do the repetition properly. Then try to get back to the maximum and get at least 4 failures.

#4 High Repetition with Light Weight.

In addition to variations, do higher reps when working at the end of the range with lighter weights. Choose weights that allow you to be able to work one and a half minutes before muscle failure.

Strength Training Tips for Fat Burning.

  • Move slowly when lifting and lowering weights.
  • Use light weights first if you are a beginner. Increase resistance if you feel better and stronger.
  • To feel the vibrations of your muscles at work, learn the names of muscles to make you aware of where they are.
  • To increase strength and flexibility, stretch immediately after exercise.
  • Remember to breathe. Exhale while working and inhale when returning to the starting position.
  • Strength training doesn’t have to be about machines. You can enter a combination of free weights or your bodyweight. Each has advantages that will lead you to reach the plateau.
  • Exercise 3 times a week with a minimum recovery time of 2 days to pamper yourself by doing light activities and optimizing rest.

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The Takeaway.

If you want a fitter, leaner, and healthier body, you need to implement the best fat burning workouts for women above, which basically can be applied to men. It is never too late to do and there is no better time than today. So make a new resolution to start a sports program to get the best physical. Overtime when you have achieved it, maintain its effect to reach each of your lives.

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