Best Landmine Exercises for Back, Shoulders, Chest, and Legs

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Landmine exercises! Have you ever done it? Or even you don’t know what it is? Yep, this is a strength training exercise for the whole body from the back to the legs by loading a barbell on one side with the other side being on a non-slip rubber floor so you don’t glide.

Overview of Landmine Exercises.

This is one of the fitness equipment that is often overlooked in the gym. Even if you come, this tool is very effective for training functional strength and improving your athletic performance such as pulling, pressing, or squatting. This can minimize the risk of injury. When compared to dumbbells, landmines have a fatter and more comfortable grip, which can strike muscles from various angles when standing or kneeling. It’s also easier to add heavier weights to the bar.

When you try landmine exercises for the first time, you don’t need to load a lot of weight. So start by using light weights. After you feel comfortable and stronger, add weight gradually. Then when pressing, keep your shoulders parallel to the bar and close to your body to avoid injury. Rotate your hips and legs in rotation exercises.

Keep in mind, the barbell moves like an arc, not a straight line. If the position of the bar is lower to the ground, the greater the resistance you need to lift. For beginners, you should be careful when doing it while kneeling because it can be difficult. So, familiarize your body and focus on form for the initial few sessions.

#1 Landmine Exercises for Back.

Landmine Row.

This movement will train your back muscles and is similar to a barbell row exercise. The difference is the weight that is almost close to the point of gravity of the body. Landmine row can reduce pressure on the lower back so this is a good exercise to build strong back muscles.

landmine exercises for back

How to: Stand in the middle of a landmine with a weight loaded between your feet. Then bend your hips and knees slightly. Hold the landmine bar directly under the barbell plate with both hands. You can place one hand on the other or link your fingers. Finally, make sure your back is straight and its position is almost horizontal.

When pulling landmines toward the chest, exhale. Keep the elbows always close to the body. Feel the contractions in the back muscles then slowly lower the landmines without touching the ground while breathing in until your shoulders are stretched down. Repeat the suggested reps.

For variations, you can do a one-arm barbell row. Just stand on the side of a land mine then reach the bar with one hand. Bend your knees slightly with your back straight and close to horizontal, then start rowing.

#2 Landmine Exercises for Shoulders.

Landmine Lateral Raise.

At the same time, all parts of your shoulders (front, middle, and back) are the areas of movement for this exercise. Awesome!

How to: Stand right in front of a landmine by holding the end of the bar with one hand. For beginners, you should not use any weight because the bar is already heavy enough. When lifting, make sure your arms are straight then. Then let the bow guide your natural hand movements from the front of the hip over the shoulder.

Landmine Shoulder Press.

Tired of doing shoulder exercises with dumbbells or resistance bands? Want to build a set of broad and strong shoulders? Try landmine overhead press. Compared to dumbbells, landmines put less pressure on the shoulder joint. So this is an easy way to avoid the pain that builds up in the upper chest.

How to: Bring the landmine bar to stand with you. Hold the end of the bar with one hand in front of the chest. Position your legs like split horses with opposite arms and legs to maintain stability. Prepare your core tightly then press the bar forward and up until your arms are extended. Lower the bar back toward your chest and then repeat the reps before changing sides.

Landmine Reverse Fly.

Do you often ignore exercises that target the back deltoid muscle? Your training schedule might consist of exercises for the upper body that hit the biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders right? Yes, your shoulder consists of 3 parts, namely anterior, lateral, and posterior.

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Most of us, only train the front (anterior) either during training or in everyday life. This will cause the weakness of the back deltoid muscles. Therefore, this exercise is good for strengthening an untrained back delta. It can simultaneously hit your back and even your abs.

How to: Stand beside landmines. Then bend your knees slightly with your back straight. Lift the empty bar out with one hand. Lower your arms and finish the reps before changing sides. Make sure your arms are straight along with the movements when lifting.

#3 Landmine Exercises for Chest.

Landmine Chest Press.

Almost all of your upper body, including your chest, triceps, and shoulders, will be done by a landmine chest press. When compared to general press exercises, this is a little easier to do. It must be admitted that dumbbells and barbell presses are good equipment for building strong chest muscles. But, variation is always important to do to sculpt muscles. In this case, the landmine chest press will have a large advantage over the upper chest.

landmine exercises for chest

How to: Make sure the barbell is securely installed. Hold the end of the bar with one hand or both hands and bring it right in front of your chest. Then standing or kneel shoulder-width apart. Push the bar up until your arms are straight while squeezing your chest. Lower slowly and feel the contraction hitting the upper chest.

Lying One-Arm Press.

If you are a beginner and want to train your chest muscles using dumbbells, it might be difficult. An easy way besides using a machine, you can use landmines. This is a simple bar that targets the upper and middle chest muscles. If you feel awkward at first, that’s normal! Over time you will get used.

How to: Use an appropriate weight and lie on the mat with your feet away from the bar then place your feet on the floor. Align the sides of your head with landmines. Hold the tip of the blade tightly to maintain security. Then press the barbell up until your arms are extended. Lower the bar until your elbows touch the ground a little and then repeat.

#4 Landmine Exercises for Abs.

Landmine Oblique Twists.

The core is the center and stabilizer of the body whose functions are to rotate the upper body, protecting your back and spine. So if you want to increase core strength, practice coordination, and build good rotation, this exercise might help. For beginners, use light weights first, then increase weights from time to time.

How to: Now lift the bar above your head and hold it tight with your fingers interlocking. Then, start rotating the bar from side to side. As you rotate the bar, keep your arms straight by slightly bending at your knees and your hips facing forward. Make sure your core contracts when you lower the bars on each side for maximum engagement.

#5 Landmine Exercises for Legs.

Landmine Squat.

A squat is the king of leg training, but only for those who can do it right and have no injuries. So this is a great alternative for those of you who can’t do regular squats because of an injury. This squat will teach you how to do squats with the right techniques. By using landmines, your torso must stay straight throughout the movement because if it is too curved forward, the bar will touch your chest.

landmine exercises for baseball

How to: Select the appropriate weight, place, and secure it on landmines. Hold the bar with both hands and place it in front of your chest. Position your hand under the bar to lock. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Then bend your knees, push your hips back, and squat while keeping your weight in the chest. When your thighs are parallel to the ground, stop 2 seconds. Then go back up with your knees extended and push your hips forward.

If your training aims to gain strength, do it in 5 reps in 5 sets. If you want to increase muscle mass, finish in 8 to 12 reps with 3 or 4 sets. Choose weights that provide challenges to complete in the last 2 sets. Use heavy weights with little repetition if you want to exercise strength and gain muscle.

Landmine Reverse Lunge.

This is a variation of the lunge that targets the muscles in the legs such as your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and even your core. When using a dumbbell you have difficulty adding weight, with landmines you can use heavier weights.

How to: Stand shoulder-width apart with both hands holding the bar at chest height. Tighten the abs, then step back one left-back and let both legs bend. Lower your body until your knees on your back foot touch the floor. Return to the top position with your right foot and straighten your knee to the starting position. Complete repetition of the left leg before changing the other leg.

Landmine Deadlift.

If squats are the king of leg training, then deadlift is the queen. This exercise will involve muscles throughout the body to develop and train your hip hinges. Deadflit exercises using landmines are also very important to help improve the mechanism of hip hinges for beginners.

deadlifts workout

How to: Place a barbell plate at the end of a landmine bar. Stand shoulder-width apart with the end of the barbell in front of you. With the end of the bar on both feet, open your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the bar with both hands while placing your hips down. Get ready with your back straight and the core tight, then stand up while carrying the bar up. Lower your hips again while bending your knees until the dumbbell plate touches the ground slightly. That is one repetition.

Landmine Single Leg RDL.

This exercise offers many benefits and will train the side of your body that focuses on the glutes and hamstrings. If with dumbbells you are limited by weight, using landmines can make you build more strength by lifting heavier weights.

leg workouts with weights

How to: Select the weight you want to lift. Then hold the end of the bar with your left hand (your right foot will work). Tighten your abs and keep your working arms straight. Then bend your right leg and lower the bar down while bringing your left leg back. Feel the weight shift towards the heel. To get back, control your heels, and use your glutes and abs.

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You’re lucky if your gym has landmine training equipment. If your gym doesn’t have it, don’t worry. You can use an empty bar then plant the end of the bar at the corner of the gym. Don’t forget to use cloth or towels to avoid damaging the wall paint. So, only with a landmine bar, you get various strength training to spin and move in all directions and allow you to recruit more muscle fibers.

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