The 3 Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain

best pre and post workout meal for muscle gain

Food is one way to increase your capacity and performance when you want to achieve your body-building goals. If your water bottle and shoes are packed into your gym bag, don’t forget your meal before you going to the weight room! So what’s the best pre-workout meal to gain muscle?

People who focus on muscle-building programs are always looking for the best nutrients to help improve better performance and recover faster by minimizing muscle damage. In addition, when you workout to build mass, you have to take heavy weights and move at high intensity by exerting all your best abilities. Now, imagine if you didn’t give your body the right nutrients and calories before going to exercise, would your workout be quality? Well, unfortunately you will lose a lot of valuable gains that you should get.

Also, eating before going to workout can keep your blood sugar stable. That means you have plenty of fuel for intense cardio and strength training sessions. Therefore, I have summarized the best pre-workout meals that can push your body to maximum performance to build muscle mass.

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Best Pre-Workout Meal for Muscle Gain.

Muscle-building foods should contain carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats as they will give you the energy and strength to perform better. Carbohydrates are useful as energy for short and high-intensity exercises because your muscles use glucose from carbohydrates as fuel. While protein can improve athletic performance, muscle performance, muscle growth, and better muscle recovery. As for fat, it’s used as fuel when you do moderate to low intensity exercises with a longer duration.

1. Chicken Breast and Rice.

It’s one of the best pre-workout meals which combine protein and complex carbohydrates. Chicken breast is the best source of nutrients because it has a high protein content and low fat. If you’re tired of eating bland chicken, maybe these roasted chicken recipes can help you. While rice is a pretty good source of carbohydrates to give you energy during exercise. The best option is brown rice although you can still consume white rice. But they are longer digested when compared to white rice.

best pre workout meal for muscle gain in hindi

So if you want to start workouts in 30 minutes, eating brown rice and chicken may not be ideal. Therefore, the best time to consume chicken breast and warm rice is a few hours before your workout starts. You can also add steamed vegetables to get enough fiber and help your digestion.

2. Scrambled Eggs, Avocado, and Toast.

Scrambled eggs are packed with quality proteins and essential amino acids which beneficial for muscle building and recovery. If you don’t really like yolks, just use the whites even if you may miss some of the benefits. Egg whites are a good pre-workout meal because they are a fast-digested source of protein.

best pre workout meal for muscle gain morning

As a fuel source, there is nothing better than toast as it’s the perfect combination for scrambled eggs. If you want to start a workout early, white bread might be better. They are digested faster than wheat which makes you wait at least an hour before workout. Last but not least, add lean meat or this fruit to make it more delicious and healthy.

3. Oatmeal and Protein Powder.

If you want something simpler, consider oatmeal and protein powder. They are easier to prepare and offer almost the same benefits as previous options. Simply prepare plain oats or rolled oats, then add protein powder to increase nutrition. Cook according to the instructions and enjoy when warm.

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If you want to make overnight oats, simply mix oats with water or almond milk if you have one, then add a scoop of protein powder. Keep your oats in the fridge overnight, then eat them 30 minutes before your workout time the next day. Also, add blueberries, raspberries, or banana slices as a natural sweetener.

Avoid heavy meals 30 minutes before exercising to avoid stomach discomfort. Therefore, take two to three hours before your workout by eating foods that contain complete nutrients to maximize your workout results. But if your time is not possible, choose foods that are easy to digest as mentioned above. Mainly containing some carbohydrates and fats.

Add Supplements to Enhance Your Pre-Workout Meal.

Using supplements is an option for everyone because some people may only consume whole foods. But, if you want to improve your performance, you shouldn’t neglect them. Pre-workout supplements generally contain compounds such as Creatine, Caffeine, BCAA, and Beta-Alanine which each have benefits for significantly improving performance.

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There are many options you can use, but make sure the supplement of your choice uses clinically effective dosages, containing zero color dyes, zero artificial sweeteners, zero additives, and without harmful side effects. So read the label carefully and don’t waste your time on useless supplements.

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When building muscle mass, you have to complete each rep and set with proper form. To do it all, you need a lot of energy and focus to push and pull each weight to create muscle tension. Therefore you should pay attention to what you eat before a workout because they play an important role in building muscle.

The meal mentioned above is the best pre-workout nutrients that you can consider to gain muscle. They maximize performance, help better recovery, and most importantly fill your body with quality nutrients. If your workout starts within 2 to 3 hours, choose foods that contain complete nutrients like chicken, brown rice, and steamed veggies.

But if your workout time starts in less than an hour, opt for easy-to-digest foods like Greek yogurt, fruits, or overnight oats. Last but not least, don’t forget your drinking bottle because your body needs water to function properly and keep you hydrated.

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