Building the Aesthetic Body with Steve Reeves Workout

steve reeves workout pdf

Many people in the modern era like now want to have a muscular body shape and want to learn the practice of popular stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Unlike the case with our parents from previous generations who idolized Sylvester “Rocky” Stallone with his strong physique. Beyond that, you must not forget a great man in Hollywood named Stephen Lester Reeves who has a spectacular muscular body without steroids and truly inspires many people to do the same thing using the Steve Reeves workout method.

Better known as Steve Reeves, he is an actor as well as a hardworking and legendary bodybuilder born before the advent of modern sports equipment. At that time, he amazed people with the extraordinary body shape that results from great training without using steroids. He really runs a healthy lifestyle and believes that a person’s body needs to rest for recovery after a hard workout.

Can you imagine that in that era, he built an extraordinary body in history using only equipment and eating simple food? So how does he do it, and what can you apply to build a perfect body like Steeve Reeves?

Steve Reeves Workout Plan.

1. Workout 3 Times per Week.

steve reeves exercise plan
Steve reeves wrokout plan

You will practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and no training is recommended for two days in a row. Then beyond that, you have to rest a lot at least 48 hours. How important is that? Muscles will grow during your sleep time while requiring recovery to do heavy work in the next training session.

2. Set Fitness Goals.

fitness goal
Fitness goal

You must have goals in each of your routine activities to achieve long-term goals. For that, you must determine the time limit, the number of reps, the weight used, and have a high concentration in each set. By setting goals, this will make you serious, focused, and eager to get the desired results. So before starting, you must know what should be done and what will be achieved.

3. Work Your Legs Before Ending the Training Session.

leg workouts with weights
Leg workouts with weights

The thigh muscle is the largest in the body consisting of the quadriceps, back, and glutes. They will be trained after working on the upper body, which is claimed to increase stamina because your feet work hard towards the end of the workout.

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4. Determine the Rest Period, the Number of Sets, and Reps.

rest periods
Rest periods

For strength training, use low reps with a maximum load that you can lift with a break of about 45 to 60 seconds with 2 minutes of rest between each set.

5. Steve Reeves Power Walking.

steve reeves workout routine
Steve reeves workout routine

Take long steps and move quickly by using dumbbells to increase the intensity of Steve Reeves workout that is beneficial for your aerobic health.

6. Steve Reeves Nutrition and Diet.

steve reeves workout and diet
Steve reeves workout and diet

Steeve Reeves does not go on a complicated diet because he believes that eating three meals a day with a portion of 60% carbohydrate, 20% protein, and 20% fat, will make your body has more energy to work out.

Steve Reeves Workout Schedule.

Then, what are the types of workout to get strong and natural muscles like Steeve Reeves? The workout below will guide you from Monday to Friday with the optimal number of sets and reps to build muscle, which you can see all the movements on YouTube.

1. Monday.

  • Triceps extension (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Bent over row (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Bench press (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Ab crunch (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Standing calf raises (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Romanian Deadlift (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Military press (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Squat (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Barbell curl (3 sets with 8-12 reps).

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2. Wednesday.

  • Triceps extension (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Dips (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Dumbbell curls (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Pull-ups (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Dumbbell Military Press (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Seated calf raises (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Front Squats (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Dumbbell Lunges (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Hanging Leg Raise (2 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Deadlifts (3 sets with 8-12 reps).

3. Friday.

  • Lying Triceps Extension (2 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Concentration Curl (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • One Arm Dumbbell Row (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Upright Row (2 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Incline Bench Press (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Sit-up (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Standing Calf Raises (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Front Squat (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Glute Raises (3 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Dumbbell Lunge (2 sets with 8-12 reps).
  • Deadlifts (3 sets with 8-12 reps).


It must be admitted that reeves left their mark and inspired many people in the world of fitness to the present that you can see on his official website. If challenged to have a body shape like him, you can apply the Steve Reeves workout above to get strong body muscles and be sure to get the right recovery to provide muscle growth by giving the body adequate rest. To get more muscle, increase your protein intake even though it seems that this diet is high in carbohydrates with low protein.

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