Burn Fat and Build Muscle with Piyo for Beginners

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For those of you who are just starting to exercise, Piyo for beginners might be useful. This exercise can help you become healthier and fitter, can lose weight, and reduce body fat. This exercise is a combination of Cardio, Pilates, and Yoga which will make the body relax. So, you will enjoy every movement while doing this exercise. To begin, you can take practice classes near your place of residence by searching on the Internet by adding the words: near me or classes near me in your browser.

Adjust your schedule for the first 60 days of training because it is important for you to try this exercise first. Do regular exercise, and don’t forget to count time because this is no less important before you start an activity.

What is the Piyo Workout?

Piyo is a low-impact exercise program that allows you not to need weight, machinery, or other equipment. They are very suitable for all types of exercise programs at every age and fitness level. Besides, the movements in this exercise can help you tighten muscles and increase flexibility.

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Besides, Piyo offers a complete stage video through several exercises delivered on DVD. You don’t need expensive weights, machines, or equipment because the purpose of this exercise has been specifically designed to get rid of fat while building your muscles.

This is a dynamic current movement that can help your heartbeat in any high-intensity exercise. Also, all Piyo’s movements are designed to focus on muscles, and bones on the body while getting cardio strength training without undergoing rigorous training.

The movements can be adjusted for your body’s comfort level so that it makes it safe for all ages. For beginners, it might be a little difficult to do moves that might not be right for you. Therefore, do it continuously to get the benefits.

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Benefits of Piyo.

Aside from focusing on toning and strengthening the body, Piyo will give you peace of mind. This is the most important thing in maintaining the balance of your body. As explained above, these are dynamic movements and cardio that move quickly besides strength training. This exercise burns fat to the maximum and makes your body sweat. Even if you don’t use weights or other exercise equipment.

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Piyo makes your body try to balance itself. That means, you are practicing body control which is the basis for getting an athletic body. Over time, your body becomes more agile, faster, stronger, and more control.

Flexibility or balance of movement and stretch will help in increasing the range of motion. This is useful for better and faster post-exercise recovery. They will help you warm up better, minimize the risk of injury, and relax muscles after exercising.

Yoga movements in Piyo for beginners will make you focus on every breath and exhalation. Also, this will make you more disciplined, and made more control over your body’s balance. Do the exercise 2 times per week, then you will feel like being born again. Yes, you could say this is the right way to fight stress.

is Piyo Good for Beginners?

Most beginners are usually doubtful when trying different exercises. They try to find secret formulas or look for programs that guarantee results. For beginners, or if you have joint problems, there are special exercise modifiers that can do all the movements at a more manageable level. So is Piyo good for beginners? Yes, Piyo will give you extraordinary results without pressure compared to other home exercise programs.

Piyo Workout for Beginners.

Start with the first exercise, then complete the reps, and continue with the next exercise without rest. Follow the pattern until you complete all movements. Rest for one minute and repeat once for two rounds of exercise.

1. Piyo Cross

piyo cross

Starting with the toes in a wide position, knees are bent. Then raise your arms with your elbows bent. Round your upper back then roll your arms like an imaginary ball in front. When standing, back to the neutral spine, elbows are pulled down on your side and press the shoulder blades together.

2. Piyo Kick-Through.

Your position is like crawling with your back flat, knee bent, palms, and feet on the floor. Then, rotate your right leg while raising your right hand while turning your chest up and kicking your left foot to the right. To return to the starting position, reverse the movement and repeat on the other side. Perform this movement in three sets of 10 reps.

beast kick-through

3. Piyo Runner.

Stand with your right foot, and simultaneously lift your left leg. Keep your left knee bent, leaning forward while pushing your leg back. Then tilt back when swinging your knees forward at the waist.

piyo runner

Piyo Diet for Beginners.

The Piyo diet plan is one of the best and they focus on complete food nutrition. Diet on Piyo allows you to enjoy a certain amount from each food group, depending on calorie needs and based on whole foods. Based on this, there are five food categories in Piyo’s nutrition plan including, primary vegetables, vegetables, and secondary grain such as potatoes, oatmeal, rice, etc, fresh fruits, non-fat protein, and healthy fats. They make you learn to get used to taste authentic food rather than processed food.


Exercise with this method is a unique program. If you make changes to Yoga and Pilates, it will feel just as effective, especially if accompanied by cardio. Some of the exercises above you can see for free on YouTube. Based on reviews from users of this exercise, many provide positive feedback that they post online. Piyo for beginners is also good for those who have just entered the world of fitness as well as for those who avoid high-impact exercises.

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