Best Calisthenics Workout Plan for Mass

calisthenics workout plan for mass pdf

Yesterday, my gym buddy asked (he’s a beginner) can I gain mass without using the equipment? I answered aloud, you can! So because of this question, today’s article will talk about the calisthenics workout plan for muscle mass.

Before reading any further, did you know about calisthenics? So basically, it’s resistance training using your bodyweight to increase strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and body coordination. All these are the skills you need to get optimal fitness.

If this is a simple exercise to increase strength without equipment, can you gain muscle here? So weight training can build significant muscle because it has endless variations. Besides, many people see it as an efficient and convenient way to get fit without complete equipment. Although many assume that without a gym you can’t gain muscle, believe me, it doesn’t make sense!

Here, your muscles will grow! Just like exercises using weights, they will develop as you rest. So if you want your muscles to develop, challenge them with tension and weight for a long time. Then consume enough calories and give your body rest to build more mass into your muscles. The more you practice and put weight on the muscles, the more your strength and mass will develop. So this is where calisthenics works!

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Benefits of Calisthenics Workout Program.

Before doing a calisthenics workout, let’s talk about the benefits. So the most common benefit of this workout is that you don’t need any equipment, just your bodyweight. The second benefit, you can do it anywhere and anytime. Is this it? Of course not, there’s better!

Muscle mass is formed from progressive resistance, and there is lots of resistance that your body can give you. For example, you can change the angle of your workout using walls to challenge your body. Also, you can do it slower, faster, or increase the range of motion to get your body used to it.

Another benefit, calisthenics gives you a strong strength base and maintains better form. Take a look at the gym, some beginners may be using too heavy a weight on a machine or dumbbell. That means they can’t execute exercises properly.

Also, it’s related to your joints. When exercise is done with too much weight and the wrong way, it will put extra pressure on the tissue structure of your body. The next benefit, you will get full-body strength. Simple exercises like push-ups or pull-ups require control, coordination, and stabilization. So when you increase the intensity, you’ll feel burned. Here you will build real body strength.

Last but not least, this is a lifelong exercise. Let’s imagine when you’re half a century old, do you need a barbell? So let’s think realistically. Machine exercises or free weights have portions and places. There will come a time when you keep exercising without using expensive equipment. So weight training is the most practical, real, and functional, now and forever.

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Tips on Gaining Mass with Calisthenics Workout Plan.

As I mentioned, you have to create muscle tension. This particular stress will make your muscles grow, but not as fast as lifting weights. So if you like to exercise without equipment and want to make it a long-term routine, calisthenic is great!

1. Do It Slowly.

The first tip, do it according to your body’s abilities. Don’t push yourself at the beginning of training. Over time, increase the intensity as you progress. So, here you need techniques to maximize weight training to gain mass. The technique is, slow down your movements, then focus on the right form.

For example, do five push-ups by slowing down the entire movement. When you push your arms up, do it with explosive movements. Then when you get down, take control of your body. When your body almost touches the ground, hold for a few seconds before returning to the top.

2. Different Angles.

Next tip, do it with different angles. By changing the angle of the workout, you will create lots of tension in the muscles. Although trivial, but the results are amazing!

So if you put your feet away from the wall, use a box, or spread your arms when doing push-ups, that means you’ve put lots of weight on your arms and made your workout even more challenging. Furthermore, you have pushed your muscles to create tension. In the end, that stress will grow more muscle mass.

3. Bodyweight Distribution.

The third tip, maximize your bodyweight distribution. So when using machines or free weights, you are free to add weights to increase the challenge. But when you do weight training, you have to do weight distribution to gain extra weight.

The greatest example of this technique is the typewriter push-up. For example, if you do regular push-ups, the weight will be between your arms, right? But what happens when the weight is placed on the right or left side of your body? Can you guess?

Yes, you will gain more weight! But take it easy because you can still handle this weight. So, just by moving from one side to the other, you have added your weight without adding anything. Simple, but the effect is incredible!

4. Eat Big to Get Big.

Building muscle always goes along with eating, besides lifting weights. Then, eat identical with proteins to form muscles and carbohydrates as energy. Actually, I have written several articles related to this. So the point is, if you want to get big and gain muscle, you have to eat big! Here you need lots of protein, why? It’s to grow and maintain your muscles.

So when your muscles are damaged after exercising, this is where protein plays a role to repair the tear. Basically, if you want to gain more muscle, eat more protein. To make it optimal, eat the right amount of protein and make a schedule. In a day, try to divide your protein into three different meals. This is more effective than eating one type of protein in one food.

The next step, consume your protein 2 or 1 hour before exercise and immediately after exercise. Based on various sources, this is the best way to maximize your workout to grow muscle.

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Calisthenics Workout Plan for Muscle Mass.

Here I have two workout plans for beginners and intermediates. You can do it 2 or 3 times a week, not more than that. In addition, you will do this workout in a superset (two exercises without rest). You can rest for 1 minute (except trisets) after each superset is completed. Do it in 2-4 sets, with 10-20 reps. So, let’s do it!

1. Beginner Bodyweight Workouts.

  • Inverted bodyweight row & chest dip.
  • Regular push-ups & pull-ups.
  • Step-up bodyweight & single-leg Calf raises.
  • Forward static lunge & prisoner squat.
  • Plank, lying leg raises & crunches & (triset, rest for 30 seconds).

2. Bodyweight Workouts for Intermediate.

Overtime when you feel much stronger, move forward to the next stage. This time you will do the exercise in 3-5 sets, with 10-15 reps. So do it with a superset and pay attention to your form. Also, don’t forget to rest for 1 minute (except triset) after completing each superset.

  • Burpees & elevated feet inverted row.
  • Typewriter push-ups & chest to bar pull-ups.
  • Bodyweight Bulgarian split squat & reverse lunge.
  • Jumping jack & pike push-ups.
  • Box jump & sprint intervals.
  • Hanging leg raises, three-way plank & mountain climbers (triset, rest for 30 seconds).

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So what do you think? Is this weight training challenging enough? Although not as fast as using weights, this calisthenics workout plan can actually develop your muscle mass. But remember, don’t expect this exercise to make your muscles grow in a day, a week, or a month because as I’ve said before, this is a long-term routine.

In addition, it requires hard work, discipline, dedication, and consistency. Therefore, if you want to achieve the ideal body shape, the keys are those four factors. If you can’t wait to get muscle as quickly as possible, the gym might be great for you. But right now, we’re all doing more activities at home, right? So calisthenics is the best workout to keep you fit at home.

Finally, if you really want to gain muscle without machines or other gym equipment, make this a routine because they are the best.

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