Calories in Clif Bars You Should Know Before Consuming It

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Many people think that snack bars are one of the healthiest and nutritious foods with high fiber and protein content. Besides, it has a delicious taste and is very practical to carry wherever you go. Also, not a few people rely on it for the long term. But are these snacks really healthy? Is this beneficial for your body or not? Okay, to find out, we’re going to talk about nutrition facts including calories in it from one name that you will definitely recognize, Clif Bars.

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How Many Calories in Clif Bars?

All variants of this bar have an average of about 22 grams of sugar made from brown rice syrup. That looks pretty when you need a lot of energy to exercise. While the calorie content reaches 240 grams, complex carbohydrates are about 20 grams, for a total of about 45 grams of carbohydrates.

Inside this bar, there are soy protein products such as White Chocolate Macadamia or Oatmeal Raisin Walnut which have not been naturally fermented, making it difficult for your body to digest. It’s important to know that ingredients like fermented soy will make these bars more nutritious and beneficial even though non-fermented soy doesn’t make you sick.

In addition, there is a lectin content in this bar. It’s a protein in plant foods such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. But you need to be careful because the content of lectins plays a role in gaining weight. It can also be harmful to the body if consumed in excess.

Is it Safe to Consume Clif Bars Every Day?

The high amount of carbohydrates and sugar in variants like Cool Mint Chocolate makes this bar less than ideal for regular consumption. They are only recommended to consume before and during moderate and high-intensity exercise when your body needs a lot of energy to explode.

But keep in mind that consuming too often can increase the risk of harm to your body, such as obesity because your body already has enough energy to exercise for an hour. So if you don’t exercise too often or rarely do strenuous activities, it’s advisable to eat fresh fruit and vegetables as a healthy snack.

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Effects on Your Body After Eating Clif Bars.

When this bar enters your stomach, the sugar will be broken down by your body. Then it will be digested like any other food that contains sugar. At the same time, the level of sugar in your blood will also rise. They have about five grams of fiber which consists of wheat fiber, inulin, apple fiber, etc. You will feel full for a moment because of the fibers.

With a protein content of 10 grams as in the Sierra Trail Mix variant, your body breaks it down for use as an energy source or stored as a source of fat. Coupled with the 240 calorie content, it will give you extra energy while exercising. They have several flavors like Peanut Butter or Chocolate Brownie. Even though it doesn’t have much protein, it has a great taste.

When you look at nutrition, this snack is rich in calories and carbohydrates as a source of energy. So this product is actually packaged and intended for people who like moderate or high-intensity exercise. Also, challenging outdoor activities such as rock climbing. However, if you do nothing, and make this a snack during the day, it’s totally useless.

Can It Use As a Meal Replacement?

Of course not! A healthy diet should include fresh vegetables and fruit, meat that is rich in protein, and has healthy fats. On the other hand, this bar only has 250 calories which means it’s not enough to be said to be a complete and healthy meal. If your hunger comes before mealtime, it’s a good idea to look for other snacks with lower sugar content.

There are actually many pros and cons of this bar. Especially if you make this bar as a friend in your spare time. However, it is acceptable if you are a fitness activist who needs a lot of energy to exercise at high intensity, does not care about weight gain, is not sensitive, and does not worry about high sugar content.

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The Bottom Line.

I remind you before you really rely on it. Based on the calories and nutritional facts on the Clif Bars, this snack is for someone who needs a lot of energy before and during exercise. The high carbohydrate and sugar content is useful for moving muscles and replenishing energy after exercise. So it’s not a good choice for just watching a movie.

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