Can You Gaining Muscle On Keto Diet?

building muscle on keto

Can you gaining muscle on keto? Or will a continuous low-carb diet mean that you will lose muscle mass? Many people today succeed in the building muscle on the ketogenic diet, unless you try to accumulate muscle mass without thinking about body fat.

Low carbohydrate diets are certainly a powerful way to get rid of extra body fat. With excess calories from protein and / or fat, combined with endurance exercise, muscle growth can be withdrawn. The result is a better composition of your body.

What is Keto?

There are many types of diets that develop at this time, but the thing you need to know about this is that they are not reckless or crazy. The keto diet has been around for decades, and has proved to be very beneficial regarding fat reduced, and muscle growth and repair.

This is a low-carbohydrate, medium-protein, high-fat diet that works very well for fat removal. There has been many sites on the Internet that discuss instructions and directions on how to go on the keto diet the right way, such as Reddit or others. If followed correctly, it is not impossible that you can build muscle in keto.

You Need Carbs To Build Muscle!

People who tell you about this might not understand how muscle formation really works and it is very possible to gain muscle mass when using keto.

There are 3 easy steps to build muscle:

  • Eat enough protein — To build mass between 1.0 – 1.2 g / pound of lean body mass.
  • Eat more calories — You can’t build muscle without eating more calories than you normally need, this comes from fat in the ketogenic diet.
  • Practice seriously.

Are Carbohydrates Good For Building Muscle?

gaining muscle on ketosis

Of course, they encourage insulin release and help restore Glycogen in muscles. You will also get more mass faster, but that’s because you also gain weight.

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What Exactly is Glycogen?

This is a molecule that our body uses as energy. Glycogen functions as a secondary long-term energy storage (with primary energy deposits in the form of fat stored in adipose tissue) and is made and stored mainly in liver cells and muscles. As you can see, glycogen is used as a secondary energy source, fat is used instead. After the body is accustomed to using fat (you are in ketosis), a little glycogen is actually needed.

That is the small amount of glycogen that your body needs? Now, it can be made from protein that you eat in a process called gluconeogenesis.

Are carbohydrates needed to build muscle? No, you can still refill glycogen stores in the muscles by following the ketogenic diet. Because the protein intake is relatively high, the ketogenic diet is great for building muscle and you won’t lose muscle mass. Even though your protein intake is low, the ketogenic diet can still have a muscle-saving effect.

In addition, the limitation of carbohydrates can provide adrenergic stimulus to the body to prevent muscle damage. Namely, when bloods sugar levels is low, the body releases adrenaline which prevents the breakdown of protein in muscles.

Although ketones and adrenaline can help to maintain muscle mass, it does not mean you eat less protein. It is very important that you eat the right amount of protein and is needed to meet your goals. If you are not sure about your nutritional intake, try doing the calculation with a Keto Calculator.

The Best Exercises For Building Muscle on Keto.

1. Push Up.

This is one of the resistances exercises and has been shown to increase upper body muscle strength. Resistance exercise is the main trigger for increasing muscle size and growth. This is a good choice when you are just starting out and are used to building muscle on the ketogenic diet. Lowering and lifting the body using the arms is very good for exercising the chest muscles and triceps.

2. Pull Up.

Pull up is an exercise to build muscle, and a high strength that is focused on your back, shoulders, and arms while strengthening your mental focus especially when you are holding on to the bar. Bodybuilders consider pull up as one of the best muscle exercises ever.

3. Reverse Curls.

Not only bicep exercise, reverse curls are also very good for getting bigger arm muscles.

4. Seated Cable Rows.

This exercise is effective for building and strengthening the back muscles and arms.

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The little carbohydrates that you think your body needs will come from glycogen storage when some protein you eat is converted to glycogen through the process of gluconeogenesis. In some cases, the ketogenic diet has been found to be more effective than the western standard diet for muscle formation and fat loss. Ketone bodies prevent damage to muscle mass, and increased protein synthesis by saving the use of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids).

One of the best ways to build muscle on keto is with endurance exercise because it activates muscle satellite cells which make them think that muscle cells are under trauma. To repair and form new muscle protein strands, satellite cells fuse and multiply with muscle fibers.

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