Want a Solid Core? do Dumbbell Exercises for Abs

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The best solution when you do core training and move on to the next stage is taking dumbbells. Although there are still many bodyweight exercises that can strengthen the core, dumbbell exercises for abs make it is possible to carve muscles around the ab such as obliques and back. This you can do with a few moves when selected and run with more challenges.

So, Why Use a Dumbbell?

When you come to the gym, what do you think? Want bigger thighs? Do squat exercises. Want a bigger and thicker chest? Bench press. Wide wings? Seated row. From this question, many people always leave ‘abs’ from the list of supporting muscles developed during practice. This should not have happened, why? Your stomach as a core stabilizer plays a role when doing almost all exercises that require resistance and balance.

Because it is useful for ironing asymmetry, the dumbbell is very important in strengthening your core. Yes, maybe you are not aware of it. But an asymmetrical body like that can be made you like the strong side only. Over time, it will have an impact on core development, such as body posture, balance and can cause injury.

Dumbbell exercises mean each arm and muscle on each side of the body will work independently of each other. Even some of them can provide resistance that can activate the core and tone.

How to get Abs with Dumbbell?

Many options for exercising your ab muscles become harder, such as crunch, or Russian twist with a dumbbell. This will train the target muscle to a higher level. Also, this endurance and strength will be trained to sculpt six packages as desired, both gentlemen and ladies.

Adding a dumbbell to your routine at home may be the secret to finally carving a six-pack ab because some muscle groups are difficult to carve using their bodyweight. So, this can help you move your muscles even further.

1. Crunch.

Crunch is a true test of core strength and gives great stimulation to your stomach. One way to increase the difficulty is to gain weight, and this dumbbell will do it perfectly. You can choose a weight that can be done 8 to 10 reps, and start with ab muscles, not hip flexors.

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How to: Lay your body on the floor with your knees bent, then hold the dumbbells on your chest in each hand. Use your upper ab to lift your body, then slowly lower it to the beginning.

2. Russian Twist.

The Russian Twist is useful for strengthening rotation in the core which is a common movement in life. Like changing direction on the ground or reaching the back seat of your car.

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How to: Sit on the floor and hold the dumbbell in front of your chest and arms bent. Balance your butts with knees bent. Keep your back flat and sturdy core. Then rotate your torso to lower yourself to the floor beside your right hip. Return to the starting position, then repeat to the left with the same reps.

3. Side Bends.

Why is this in the dumbbell exercises for abs, and why does it work? So it’s very important to strengthen yourself with exercises that aren’t all about crunches or popular ones. Side bend is proven to be effective for your oblique and can help with rotational strength.

side bends

How to: Stand with your body upright, and hold the dumbbell with one hand on the side of the body, then lose weight. Bend your hips until there is a perceived obstacle on your side. Do it in 3 sets of 15 repetitions on each side in turn.

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4. Swing.

This movement involves the core and posterior chains because it involves your hip hinges. Although it looks simple, this can be a good addition because it will give more attention to your hips.

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How to: Hold the dumbbell with both hands, then bend your hips and lower the weight between your legs, then push your hips forward to raise the dumbbell to shoulder height. Do it in 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

5. Woodchop.

How to: With a squat or kneeling position, hold the dumbbells with both hands. Lift the dumbbell over your body to head level, then lower it again. Do 10 repetitions, and change sides.

dumbbell wooodchop

The slope targeting movement is very good. This exercise is useful for increasing coordination and core strength because you have to hold back and the body cannot move.

When you add dumbbells or other weights to ab exercises (for example kettlebell or medicine balls) it’s important to remember, this is about developing work at your core. For beginners, train your abs with bodyweight before adding external resistance. You can learn it by watching the exercise video on YouTube to reduce difficulties when doing the exercise.


Core muscles are more than just a six-pack because they move in all directions. Not only up and down, but also rotate, stretch, and rotate again. Plus, they play an important role in your stability. For this reason, to get maximum results, you must work as much as possible and dumbbell exercises for abs are the best way to do it.

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