Feet Up Trainer, Is It Effective and Safe?

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Feet up trainer are products such as special chairs designed to turn your body upside down and get many benefits from inversion. This is a useful tool for those of you who has never been turned upside down, or have problems with head or neck pressure. Made of wood, the top feels soft and is covered by material like leather. This tool is also quite popular in big countries like the UK or Canada.

They can help your feet easily above your head, so that you can easily press your feet with control. Pressing can improve the body’s response when reversed, and train your core, use your hands train balance, there is no tension in the neck, and there is no possibility of injury due to jumps.

If you are just going to use it, maybe you will think, is this stable? Or will it be reversed? Surely it’s scary isn’t it!


When viewed from a yoga perspective, this is great because you will usually use a wall to headstand. You cannot build the core you need in this way, so this tool has the main advantage that once your body is turned upside down, your feet will not be on the wall. They are really stable. This exercise is a great way to understand your posture without using walls.

When viewed, these objects actually don’t look beautiful, but are made of good material, coupled with a large enough dimensions, they need a large enough storage space.

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If you are an advanced athlete, this might not allow you to go deeper into it even though this is a good tool for learning some postures. To conclude, its use is recommended for those of you who are beginners or those who have necked or shoulder injuries who want to explore inverse.

The Benefits.

For those of you who wants to reduce excessive strain on the muscles, want to relax in a variety of variations, the upside down position is very appropriate on your rest days. You can do it in 3 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day.

In addition, you can add this item at the end of your workout session because it provides gentle traction to the cervical vertebrae while relaxing your shoulders, increasing blood circulation to the head, relaxing the shoulders, and benefiting posture.

For those of you who wants to increase your level of workout, using this feet up trainer to practice handstand push-ups, standard push-ups, or others can provide useful benefits, and support various balances and strength-based exercises.

Take your yoga to the next level because there are many ways to make this product. Add something special and challenging to your exercise routine, such as increasing stability, strengthening the core, and leveling the whole body.

Is This Safe?

Of course, you don’t need to worry about that, because of the legs are made of quality wood that curves from one piece continuously. This object is designed to get a very sturdy, stable, and flexible construction at the same time.

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How To Do This Exercise?

In some reviews about this tool, there are 4 steps to take it. Although it looks easy enough, it must be done carefully.

1st position.

Position your feet on the wall, and simultaneously inhale.

2nd position.

Place your head on this object, then tilt your hips up, and legs stretched.

3rd position.

For those of you who are beginners, lift your feet with a small sweep. Both arms press against the wood to help you rise to the upside down position. As for those of you who has mastered enough, such as rolls forward, pull your knees so close to your chest. This will require balance, and less power. For the advanced level, you have to stretch your legs then lift with the strength of your body.

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4th position.

Your legs are stretched up, and your neck relaxed. Calm down and breathe as usual.

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Now is the time for you to prove and there’s no need to doubt that this object is safe and is equipped with a balancing control of your hands keep it stable. You can see the poster on online sites such as eBay or Amazon, if you are lucky, use a discount code to buy it at an affordable price. However, if your funds are limited, you can also get them with used ones.


If you want to practice balance and do a headstand, or want to challenge yourself in inversion, you can try feet up trainer. This product has been developed to be accessible for everyone. Using this tool, your meditation practice can progress with headstand exercises faster because it can help to build confidence in challenging inversions.

Especially for you who are beginners, you will learn how to do inversions in an easy way in just a few minutes. Then you will increase your body’s strength, balance, and flexibility without fear of risk of injury. The neck does not need to be pressed when doing a headstand, because your weight will be spread evenly over the shoulder. Your head is free to hang without pressure on it or on the spine.

When you are used to it, you can freely make movements by releasing your hands, moving your legs, doing other variations and doing what is good for your body!

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