Slam Ball Full Body Workout for Female Beginners at Home

upper body workout for female beginners at home

For female beginners, the full-body workout using a slam ball is a great addition to flexible workouts at home. Is it just about slamming the ball? Of course NO, there are even better ones! This ball can be used as a substitute for free weight training, which is usually done for resistance training.

With a simple rubber construction and a combination of air or sand, it will last longer and make it one of the most versatile gym equipment. Generally, they are available weighing 10 to 150 pounds. So do what feels comfortable enough to make you ‘angry’. For CrossFit athletes of all levels, this ball is a great workout to improve the performance, skill, and fitness that will carry over to WODs.

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Benefits of Slam Ball Full Body Workout.

This ball has many advantages to incorporate into your routine. Some of them are easy to learn even if you’ve never seen this ball before. Another benefit, the slam and throw motion will make your muscles tense up and get stronger because both movements will explode with your throw. In addition, these balls can be a great exercise alternative to complement your fitness activities. They offer fun workouts and can be combined with several exercises like cardio.

Full Body Workout for Female Beginners at Home with Slam Ball.

So if you take a look at YouTube about this exercise, there are actually lots of variations you can do with slam balls. However, this article has screened the top five slam ball moves to make into your new home workout.

1. Slam Ball Squat & Throw.

To start, hold the ball in front of your chest with your hands. Squat, then as you push your body up with all your strength, push and throw the ball forward and slightly upward as far as possible. Next, go to your ball by running or walking to return to the starting position and repeat the movement. Do this exercise over a large area for maximum throw.

2. Slam Ball Thrusters.

This exercise is similar to a dumbbell or kettlebell squat. With a standing position, hold the ball in front of your chest, then continue with squats. Keep your back straight with heels planted on the floor. To push the ball up, use your hips to generate your energy. Push the ball directly above your head, arms level with your ears, and don’t let your back arch. Tighten your core as you lower the ball to your chest and return to a squat position.

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3. Overhead Slams.

This exercise is the most popular and classic for you to do. As the name implies, it will improve your fitness even though it looks very simple. To do the slam, keep your back straight. Then take the ball off the floor and bring it to the ceiling above your head in one motion. Next, slam into the ground with all your strength but under control. Repeat this exercise according to your ability and fitness. Because it produces a strong explosive power, this exercise is useful for strengthening your arm swing. So if you like to play golf, this exercise is very helpful.

4. Slam Burpees.

This exercise is a continuation of the regular slam. So after you hit the ball on the ground, move quickly into a squat position. Next, place your hands on the ball. Tighten your abs, then kick your legs back in a pushup position. Keep your position steady on the ball. Then return to the ball in a squat position and lift the ball up to the starting position. Repeat this movement according to your fitness and ability.

5. Slam Ball Russian Twist.

Begin by sitting on the floor, bending your knees slightly, and leaning back about 45 degrees. Hold the ball with your hands in front of your chest. Tighten your abs, then rotate your body to the right and lower the ball to the floor. Next, quickly lift the ball higher to prepare to the left. To make your workout more challenging, lift your legs slightly off the floor to activate your abdominal muscles.

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The full-body workout at home for female beginners using slam balls has many benefits for your fitness. This simple exercise can develop your entire body’s strength by throwing, slamming, or squatting. Over time as your strength improves, you can combine slam balls with various forms of training. For example, you could combine this ball with a hard bench press session if you want to build your upper body. So if you are a beginner and want to develop your full body strength, do this slam ball workout before getting into more intense sessions.

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