Hammer Strength Machine Rows vs Free Weights, Who’s Better?

double handed hammer strength machine rows

When it comes to fitness centers, various equipment, supplements, and exercise routines are available to help us achieve a better body. One of the many things you need to use is the hammer strength machine rows that will help you reach strong and sturdy arms.

What are Hammer Strength Machine Rows?

This machine is assembled and designed with Biomechanical knowledge and understanding. That means this machine can reduce the risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of training. The technology behind the Biomechanics of this device is based on the actual movements of the human body. Gary Jones, the inventor of this machine, has consulted with sports doctors, chiropractors, and professional athletes to develop ideas about how he can build perfect training.

When compared to free weights such as barbells or dumbbells, this machine is promoted for the safety and comfort of users, especially for beginners. Also, this machine is known as a plate loading device and is designed to allow users to load, and unload training units with different heavy retaining plates. Lat muscles, biceps, middle back, and shoulders are some of the groups that are targeted when you practice using this machine.

So are you interested in having strength-based equipment for a home gym? If so, this machine can be the right choice. You can buy it at fitness equipment stores near your home or browse the Internet to find it by adding keywords: for sale. Besides, this machine has several different types such as Iso-Lateral high row and Iso-Lateral low row with features, for example (neutral grip) and double handed.

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Free Weights vs Machines.

An important part of exercising is choosing the right equipment. There are many choices to choose from. But the words we often hear are, what types of exercise equipment can provide better results. Machines or free weights? Nowadays, some people prefer free weights for several reasons.

Free weights are cheaper than machines because you can even improvise using everyday objects like cans, bags of rice, or other solid objects. Also, free weights have a better exercise effect because they overload the muscles, and give your muscles more growth than can be done by machines, according to most people. Plus, you can do free weights almost anywhere.

hammer strength machine rows alternative
Free weights workouts

Looking at the factors above, why people often choose free weights, free weights seem to have a lot of fans. So why do we have to compare? That’s because this machine has several advantages that make it the perfect partner for free weights, including:

  • If you are a beginner, using a machine is highly recommended for practicing lifting. Before starting your exercise routine, you need to know how this tool works so as not to cause unwanted injuries.
  • It’s much safer than free weights because the risk of injury is very low. That is why this machine is often used for those undergoing physical rehabilitation.
  • It can be used as a substitute for free weights because some of your exercises can be combined in a machine, which is a little difficult when you use free weights.

How Do You Hammer Strength Row?

First, sit on a bench and place your feet on a platform. Then lean your upper body on the upright cushion. Then hold the parallel bars with both hands facing each other. Next, squeeze your lat muscles by pulling the weight toward the chest. Avoid using arms to pull weights, but focus on using your back. In the upward motion, squeeze your shoulder blades then lower back to the starting position for repetition.

Hammer Strength Machine Row Benefits.

  • The hammer strength machine row exercise can be the perfect alternative to enjoy all its unique features. Also, now you will get all the benefits of both when combined with free weights.
  • You will enjoy all the unique features of both free weights, and other sports equipment. When it comes to exercise equipment, this is one of the best equipment that many people like.
  • This machine has exclusive features using Iso-Lateral Technology. This means it can copy our body’s natural movements by strengthening it through a combination of one-sided movements and turning arcs to build physical strength. So that your entire body will have a balanced strength.
  • This machine is a combination of free weights and different exercise equipment. So you can choose from several combinations of effective exercise routines. Or do simple exercise routines for an effective full-body workout. Some unique features, and quality of free weights, are in this machine because they are designed to provide all the benefits in one device.
  • When you want to practice free weights in the gym or use another machine, it is highly recommended to have a spotter. Especially if you want to exercise specifically on the chest and shoulders. With this machine, you can practice on your own without relying on a spotter.
  • You can’t practice well if you are not comfortable with the tools used, that’s normal. If there is one thing that you like about a device, of course, its durability and safety. Therefore, this machine is made with good durability. It also provides the best sports experience with a primary focus on user safety and comfort.

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The conclusion is, free weights may be slightly superior. But training with a machine is no less great. So you can do exercises with free weights or with the help of machines. But it’s better if you have the choice to combine the two and try this machine. The various types of hammer strength machine rows are perfect for your training needs. It’s never too late to start training. So start now!

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