Easy & Healthy Overnight Oats Recipe for Weight Loss

healthy overnight oats recipes for weight loss

So, for the first article of the year, let’s start with something light, tasty, and healthy. It’s a healthy breakfast recipe for weight loss, overnight oats. With a balanced content of nutrients, this is the best breakfast to keep you full all morning.

But before going any further, allow me first to wish you a Happy New Year. Hopefully, this year is better than last year, and all our wishes are achieved this year. So what’s your fitness resolution this year? Does it lose weight? If yes, let’s get back to the topic!

These overnight oats are different from oatmeal. If oatmeal needs water when cooked, these overnight oats are not cooked at all. All you have to do is soak the rolled oats in the liquid overnight. So it’s an easy, practical recipe and doesn’t require a pan to cook it. Also, they need a little time to prepare, so this is perfect for breakfast or meal prep.

So, if gaining the ideal weight is your resolution of the year, read this article to get the best breakfast recipe!

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Benefits of Overnight Oats.

If you don’t already know the benefits, let me tell you! Based on a variety of reliable sources, overnight oats have many benefits for your health. As mentioned above, they can keep you full for longer, avoiding spikes and decreased insulin. It’s useful to prevent you from overeating during lunchtime.

In addition, overnight oats are also good for your gut because they are rich in resistant starch. It’s a type of prebiotic fiber that can’t be digested by the stomach. When it comes to digestion, they will be fermented by bacteria in your gut as an energy source and create a healthy gut. Also, resistant starch becomes a food source for good bacteria in your gut.

Another benefit, overnight oats contain beta-glucans, just like cooked oats. It’s a type of fiber that is useful to lower cholesterol and control blood sugar. So overnight oats can help you reduce your risk and protect you from heart disease.

Last but not least, overnight oats are rich in fiber. It’s a complex carbohydrate useful for smooth digestion, lower cholesterol levels, control blood sugar levels, and help achieve an ideal weight. For information, one bowl of overnight oats contained 8 grams of fiber. That amount equates to 33% of the number of daily recommendations. It’s different from cooked oats because they have a fiber content of about 4 grams in one bowl.

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How Overnight Oats Help You Lose Weight?

Do you think a bowl of oatmeal has a high carbohydrate content? Well, your assumption is correct when you over-add brown sugar, chocolate, or other sweeteners. If your goal is to lose weight, a bowl of oatmeal with sweetener really doesn’t help you. So what am I supposed to do?

Okay, it’s actually simple! All you have to do is eat oats with a medium portion, then add slices of banana, blueberry, strawberry, avocado, or chia seeds. They are healthy foods rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. That’s a great base to help you lose weight. So if you want this overnight oats recipe works, add those healthy foods to your breakfast to make a real weight loss.

As mentioned above, these oats will keep you feel full for longer, thus making you eat less throughout the day. Also, it helps you avoid not-so-healthy breakfasts like muffins, waffles, toast with margarine, or sweet pancakes.

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Healthy Overnight Oats Recipe for Weight Loss.

It is a simple overnight oats recipe with two ingredients. If you’re looking for an easy and nutritious recipe, these overnight oats are here for you. So, Get the Full Recipe Here!

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