5 Ultimate HIIT Workouts for Weight Loss at Home

hiit workouts for women's weight loss at home

Want to burn fat quickly and effectively without a gym? These HIIT workouts for weight loss will help you gain the ideal weight from home! So, this is a cardiovascular exercise that you should do with high intensity in a short duration. Also, HIIT is an exercise that requires maximum effort, strength, and is very demanding of the cardiovascular system to make your body feel like it has been running for an hour.

So before you begin, make sure your body is healthy enough to do high-intensity exercise. Also, consult with your doctor to sure your body is in good health because you will work hard here.

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The 5 Best HIIT Workouts for Weight Loss at Home.

1. Burpees.

It’s an exercise that involves push-ups and jumps that target your arms, chest, back, core, butts, and legs. Burpees can also increase heart rate as quickly as sprints. This is what makes burpee a favorite of many people to be included in the HIIT routine.

hiit workout plan for weight loss at home

How to: Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width. Then, squat and place your hands between your legs. Make sure your back stays straight. Next, transfer your weight to your hands, then jump a little to throw your feet back to get into the plank position. Here, add one or two push-ups, then jump back into a squat position. Quickly, jump by raising your hands in the air.

2. Mountain Climbers.

If you want to build cardio endurance, improve agility, and build core strength, add these exercises to your routine. Also, mountain climbers can make you feel like you’ve done a full-body workout because it trains different muscle groups. During movement, your core will stabilize the rest of the body, while the shoulders and arms will support the upper body.

15 minute hiit workout for fat loss at home

How to: Start with a straight arm plank position. Next, tighten your core, then bring your right knee forward without lifting your hips, closer to the chest. Change legs, bring your left knee forward while moving your right foot towards the back. Repeat this movement and increase the speed until you feel like you’re running on the spot.

3. High Knees.

This is one of the intensive cardio exercises at high speed. High knees strengthen the leg muscles, involve your core, increase heart rate, coordination, and flexibility. In addition, this exercise is also easy to do and without equipment. For beginners, do it slowly to understand the movement without putting a lot of pressure on your muscles.

hiit cardio workouts at home for weight loss

How to: Stand up and open your legs to the hip-width. Next, lift your right knee to the chest, then switch with the left knee. Continue the movement and do it at running speed.

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4. Skipping Rope.

When going to the gym is hard to do, skipping rope is a great alternative. This exercise helps tighten calves, core muscles, arms, butts and build stamina. Other benefits that you can get include strengthening bones, improving coordination, increasing flexibility, and increasing lung capacity.

Besides, skipping rope can reduce your weight because they are a good cardio exercise. But, skipping rope alone is not enough. Therefore, you need to make a weight loss plan that includes a planned diet, workout plan, weight loss goals, and commitment.

30 minute hiit workout for fat loss at home

Also, other factors like age and fitness level can affect your success rate. For beginners, start with low-intensity skipping. Over time, increase the intensity, and you will gain control of your body.

How to: So, stand upright by bringing each other’s feet closer. Jump by making ropes around your body from head to toe. As you perform, make sure your elbows are near your stomach.

5. Jumping Jacks.

Jumping jacks are plyometric exercises, just like burpees. It was an explosive aerobic movement by increasing speed, effort, and power in a short time for a full-body workout.

hiit cardio workout for fat loss at home

How to: Stand upright with your legs close together and the arms are on the side. Make sure your body relaxes and looks ahead. Bend your knees a little, then jump. As you jump, spread your legs to shoulder width and stretch your hands over your head. Jump again, then return your legs and arms to the starting position. Repeat this movement by following the same steps.

Based on verywellfit, the best interval to lose weight is two minutes for hard work, active rest for three minutes, for five cycles. But you can adjust the intervals to suit your abilities. The rule is, the shorter the time, the higher the intensity. Intensity is the most crucial thing in HIIT exercises, not duration. So long intervals are not always better than working hard in a short time.

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The Bottom Line.

HIIT workouts at home are one of the best ways to gain weight loss at a small cost. Also, make sure you eat enough protein when you go through this exercise program. That’s important because protein helps your body burn calories and build muscle in every workout.

Also, to make it really successful, you have to be consistent and committed. Remember, if you continue to be on the right track, you’ll see your body fitness get better than before. Last but not least, to avoid injuries or unwanted things, consult a doctor or fitness expert before you get into interval training.

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